Players that are adept at scoring goals are the ones who have scored the most hat-tricks, as one might think. And what is a hat trick in soccer?

A former Newcastle United and Blackburn Rovers striker, Alan Shearer, owns the Premier League record for most hat-tricks with 11. In contrast, Sergio Aguero of Manchester City and ex-Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler have nine. Harry Kane has already scored eight goals, tying him with Thierry Henry and Michael Owen most in the Premier League.

In La Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo has the most hat-tricks. (34), while Lionel Messi has the most in Champions League history (eight), one more than his Portuguese adversary.

Hat-trick records from the 1940s and 1950s must pass on in Serie A.

It may be a sign of how tough it has become to score in Italy since the introduction of Catenaccio. Gunnar Nordahl, who played for AC Milan and Roma, set the record for most hat-tricks in the league with 17, which he still holds.

Gerd Muller, Sandor Kocsis, Fontaine, and Gabriel Batistuta are tied for the most World Cup hat-tricks, striking two trebles on the biggest stage in football.

What is the significance of the term “hat-trick”?

The word ‘hat-trick’ is now often used in a wide range of sports, but it is said to have originated in cricket.

In the Oxford English Dictionary, It was the first cast-off in 1858. In honor of English cricketer, H.H.Stephenson took three wickets in three successive deliveries during a game between an all-England side and Hallam. A collection was held, with money being placed in a hat and then delivered to Stephenson.

Magicians conjuring unexpected goods from a hat are associated with negative meanings.

Hat-tricks with the quickest times

Getting three goals in a game is difficult, but several players have done so in brief periods.

Sadio Mane holds the Premier League record for the fastest hat-trick, scoring three goals for Southampton in under two minutes and 35 seconds against Aston Villa on May 16, 2015. Mane broke Fowler’s previous record of four minutes and 33 seconds, set against Arsenal in 1994 for Liverpool.

Despite having the most hat-tricks in La Liga, Ronaldo has not been able to string them together in a short period. In Spain’s top flight, Luis Perez holds the record, scoring three goals in three minutes for Real Sociedad against Logrones in the 1994-95 season.

Former Torino striker Valentino Mazzola and ex-Inter striker Antonio Angelillo hold the fastest hat-tricks ever scored in Serie A, scoring three goals in under two minutes. Mazzola did it against Vicenza in 1947, while Angelillo did it against SPAL ten years later in 1927.

In soccer, what is a brace?

A brace happens when a player scores two goals in the same game in soccer. When fans and commentators discuss a prop, a player is one goal away from a hat trick in a game. A standard hat trick does not need back-to-back goals throughout a match.

Is it possible to win a Hat Trick Award?

When a soccer player scores a hat trick, he receives the match ball at the end of the game. Getting the soccer ball represents their performance during the game. If more than one player scored a hat trick during the soccer game, they would each receive a match ball as a souvenir after the game.


Scoring three goals as a team is challenging enough, let alone a single man. Players receive the ball as a souvenir if they achieve three goals in a game. A hat trick is unlikely to happen in fewer than 4% of the time. That implies that you are a part of soccer history if you see it or do it yourself at a game!

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