Murat Ünalmış, the charismatic actor who gives life to the character Demir, from the beloved series “Ma Numesc Zuleyha”, amazed the internet users, the other day, showing off a spectacular work, through social networks. The series is broadcast from Wednesday to Friday, from 20:00, on Kanal D.

Who is Murat Ünalmış, Demir from “Ma Numesc Zuleyha”

The fashion for making snowmen in the winter months is conquering more and more people all over the world. Interesting but also fun photos are spread, through social networks and snowmen, from different countries, and different cities of the world, attract the attention of millions of fans. Snowmen come to be appreciated as true works of art, and fun accessories and shapes add something different to the concept of a snowman. Ma Numesc Zuleyha is updated on despre seriale when the new episode will be updated. Good to see that this show is now only popular in Romana subtitrat but also on other languages.

More and more enthusiasts have chosen, instead of the well-known snowmen with carrot noses and charcoal eyes, to make their mark on having their own ideas. This year, the situation has not changed. Interesting snowmen amazed viewers on social networks. if you are interested and love to watch these shows then senden daha guzel subtitrat also available on despre seriale and other seriale latimp show.

One of the most appreciated artists among internet users was the famous actor Murat Ünalmış who exhibited his work in front of fans. After the heavy snow in Istanbul, the actor took advantage of the weather and started making ordinary snowmen, he says, but then he couldn’t help himself and turned the moment into a matter of art! The famous actor’s snowman has become a sculpture in the snow!

What name did Murat Ünalmış give to his work

“I wanted to be a snowman, but I was not satisfied. In the end, art got involved! (…) Should I be a sculptor? ”, The talented actor addressed the fans.

The actor also gave a name to his work, which he created as a result of long efforts. In his note, Murat Ünalmış states that he named the statue Wilson, inspired by the film Cast Away. Thus, Murat Ünalmış made a good contribution to the snowman landscapes of the year, through his sculpture that reveals his artistic perspective.

Murat Ünalmış can be seen in the role of Demir Yaman, from the beloved Turkish production “My name is Züleyha”, broadcast from Wednesday to Friday, from 20:00, on Kanal D.