Why Are Applications of Tempered Glass on Sports Courts?

Why Are Applications of Tempered Glass on Sports Courts?


The tempered glass fences were broken by high-speed ice hockey during a game in the German ice hockey league in April 2018, and the game had to be suspended until the glass was replaced.

Unfortunately, the tempered glass was broken again on November 4th in another game.

The ice hockey is made of black hard rubber with a thickness of 2.54 cm, a diameter of 7.62 cm, and a weight ranging from 156 to 170 grams.

The ice hockey puck can reach a top speed of 150 kilometers per hour when swung by a gamer with a stick during the game. This isn’t an exaggeration to explain it’s a miniature shell.

The racquetball, like ice hockey, is filled with inert gas. When the squash ball is hit, friction heats and expands the gas, causing it to fly at speeds of up to 200 km/h, with the highest record being 270 km/h. Its speed is second only to badminton, the king of speed, and it develops into a fast and violent sport.

The tempered glass acts as a barrier between the games and the spectators, keeping the ball inside the sports court, preventing serious and even fatal injury to spectators, and allowing court owners to avoid potential lawsuits as a result of injuries.

The tempered glass also ensures that the game is not disrupted.

What Is the Function of Tempered Glass Fence?

Tempered glass is a type of heat-treated glass. It improves the bending and impact strength of the glass by forming uniform compressive stress on the surface and tensile stress inside. Its strength is about 3-5 times that of float glass after heating to 670-710 degrees and a fast wind cooling process.

When glass is broken by an outside force. The fragments become angled small particles that are difficult to harm the human body.

Impact tests for tempered glass are included in international tempered glass standards such as EN12150, ANSI2208, and ASTM C1048, among others.

The 45kg weight bags or dual tires are dropped from a height of 1200mm, impacting the glass directly to simulate a human body striking it. The glass must not break and maintain its high strength.

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Tempered glass is being used in sports courts.

1. Tennis courts in Padel

Padel is a sport that combines elements of tennis, squash, table tennis, and badminton. Padel is played in almost 78 countries, with 35 of them belonging to the International Padel Federation. Tempered glass is used as a defensive barrier at the bottom of the court. Which is surrounded by a mesh fence. The glass used in Padel courts is 10mm or 12mm clear tempered glass, with sizes of 3000*2000mm, 1995*2995mm, or 1995*1995mm, and countersunk holes.

2.  Rink for ice hockey

The glass fences for ice hockey rinks are made of 12mm or 15mm clear tempered glass, and the standard court size is 61M*30M. Thicker glass has a higher strength and loading capacity, which is why it is recommended. Laminated glass, in addition to single-piece tempered glass, can be used to increase the glass’s strength.

3. Court for racquetball

The squash court is a room that is surrounded by walls. The International Federation specifies a standard area of 9.75 * 6.4 meters* 5.53 meters high, and 13.72 * 7.62 * 6.1 meters high.

The audience can watch and coaches can guide through the glass wall.

Racquetball court glass doors can be framed in aluminum, but most customers prefer frameless glass fences. For a large viewing area, 10mm or 12mm clear tempered glass was connecting to the glass fins by hardware. Aside from the sports courts mentioned above. More and more glass is using in people’s daily activities such as tempered glass backboards and glass game fences. But even though tempered glass is strong. It can break under the impact, so use caution when playing games.

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Final Thought

Because of its high strength, tempered glass is commonly used as an indoor sports court. For example, paddle courts, racquetball courts, and ice hockey rinks. All have glass fences that prevent high-speed balls from injuring people.

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