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Our pets are our lives, and we do everything in our power to keep our pets healthy, happy, and safe. When we go away on vacation or work long hours, it can be hard finding appropriate care for our furry friends. But, with boarding and daycare services offered by our animal hospital, it is possible to keep your pet happy and well protected. There are several benefits to boarding your pet at your animal hospital, including convenience, familiarity, and guaranteed professionalism. Below, let’s take a look at why boarding and daycare services at your veterinary office are an excellent idea for both you and your pet.


Probably the most significant benefit of having a boarding or daycare facility at your animal hospital is the ongoing convenience. Now, you can drop your pet off in the care of trusted professionals, right at the same location where you take your pet for medical care. Having a convenient location that is easy to get to and that you are familiar with will make it easier to take your pup to daycare or drop your cat off for an extended vacation.

Ongoing Care

Our boarding and daycare facility is connected to our animal hospital. This convenient location means that if anything should happen to your pet, from injury to illness, we have you covered. We have trained medical professionals working nearby for your pet to help administer care and treatment should your pet become ill. Our team that helps manage the boarding facility works hand in hand with the medical professionals at the animal hospital. Have peace of mind knowing that your pet is under the watchful eye of medical professionals and will be able to jump in and help at a moment’s notice.


Any time you take your cat or dog to a new boarding facility, it can be a scary and challenging time. Your pet is faced with all new people and smells, and it can be pretty overwhelming to your pet, especially if your pet is already nervous or anxious. Luckily, by taking your pet to a boarding facility that is at the animal hospital, he is familiar with the location. Your pet will be greeted with friendly faces and smells and have an easier transition to the boarding facility. Your pet will be more comfortable and have a more enjoyable time staying with us while you are on vacation because he will know exactly where he is.

One-Stop Shop

Taking your pet to our boarding facility and daycare center means you will have easy access to the care and medication your pet needs. We provide a one-stop-shop for your convenience. Not only does your pet receive top-quality care and attention at the boarding facility, but they will also have access to the best medical attention. Plus, we have an in-house pharmacy right on the property. If you forgot your pet’s medications or your pet requires medication during his stay, we have you covered. Our one-stop shop for medical care and medication makes it easy and convenient to have your pet stay the week or the day with us at our boarding facility and daycare center.

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