Why Businesses Needs Custom Packaging Boxes


Online shopping has become everyone’s favorite! The convenience of shopping at home for affordable prices is responsible for the popularity of online shopping. People are avoiding taking a ride to the store for shopping because whatever they need is just a click away. As more and more people are demanding products to be delivered right to their doorstep, businesses are compelled to take their products and services online. And this has increased competition among online businesses. To catch the attention of online customers, businesses keep looking for new techniques and offers. Promoting an online business is different than regular marketing. Moreover, online businesses have different needs than brick-and-mortar stores. For instance, online companies need to ship their products to the doorstep of the customer. During the early days of online shopping, packaging was all about sending products in a box- a plain cardboard box. But things have started to change now!

Reasons to Use Custom Packaging Boxes

The box in which the product arrives has become a powerful tool for promoting your brand and enhancing customers’ shopping experience. If you have ever watched an unboxing video of any product on social media, you might understand what we’re talking about. There is a trend of sharing the unboxing video of products where social media influencers share their thoughts about the product packaging and overall product experience. Custom packaging boxes have become a marketing tool that not only solves many of the shipping problems but also creates a consistent brand image. There are many benefits of using custom boxes for packaging. Read further to find out!

1.      Build Brand Awareness

Traditional shipping involves the use of stock packaging boxes. These generic cardboard boxes are easily available at shops or online. These plain boxes do nothing more than ship your product. But custom boxes work as a marketing tool besides shipping your products. When it comes to brick-and-mortar stores, people make a first impression about the business by the outer appearance of the shop. Businesses set up attractive stores to appeal to customers. This is exactly what custom boxes do! Before a customer even uses your product, a custom printed box creates the first impression about your business. A box printed with your company’s name and logo can create excitement for opening the package. Custom packages help customers to recognize your brand.

2.      Safe & Affordable Shipping

Cardboard packaging boxes are versatile and safe for shipping. You can get boxes in any size to ensure that the product perfectly fits inside. Shipping products in the right size boxes not only prevents damage but also saves shipping costs. The cost of shipping increases with the size and weight of the box. Using a bigger size box means adding bubble wrap and other protective stuff to keep the product safe during transit. This will increase the cost of shipping. Likewise, shipping in a too-small box has a risk of damaging or breaking the item. But customization allows you to get the perfect size boxes for each of your products.

3.      Enhances Customer Experience

The success of any business lies in keeping its customers happy and satisfied. The quality of the product is what ultimately matters the most but packaging can help in enhancing the customer’s overall experience. When customers receive properly packed products in attractive boxes, they get excited and look forward to using the product. Custom packaging allows you to add attractive colors, a company logo, some messages that make your boxes stand out from the competitors. It also makes your product look authentic. Have you ever received an iPhone in a plain box? A box printed with the company name and logo creates trust among customers and can give your business an edge over your competitors.

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