Women can relate to how painful it is to remove their hair using a razor, depilatory creams or wax strips. Initially, girls will stick to these methods to pull their hair and may experience skin irritation and redness. 

Every woman has a different skin type, and every kind of skin reacts differently to waxing and razor hair removal methods. For instance, a woman with sensitive skin may burn her skin with heated wax, or her skin loosens up on regular waxing with strips. Besides, using depilatory creams may not suit your skin, leading to darkness, pigmentation and the occurrence of various spots.

It is not enough that these techniques are not long-lasting; you may experience your hair growing back after a few weeks with waxing and after a few days after using a razor. Headache! 

Here is good news for all the ladies who are done with transient methods of achieving hair removal. Laser hair removal is your ultimate treatment! You might know about laser hair removal, but many might think it is an expensive way to get your hair removed. Just like that, there will be so many other myths associated with laser hair removal treatment. So, here I am to clear your doubts regarding laser hair removal. Look at the reasons below-

Excessive Waxing can Affect Your Skin:

Waxing may come with many side effects; ingrown hair is the most common. Waxing is usually done in the direction opposite to the growth of hair, and when the hair grows back, they are thin enough to curl under the skin. Besides, waxing leads to open pores, redness, itching and sensitive skin.

Waxing is More Expensive

You may do it at home or book an appointment for waxing; you will have to pay charges every time you wax. Costs may depend upon the type of wax you buy or the salon you book. Paying after every three weeks means spending a lot on hair removal.

Waxing is Not a Permanent Solution

Although waxing is more efficient than using a razor or depilatory cream, yet lasts not more than three to four weeks.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Reduces Hair Growth

Waxing may damage the hair follicle, but only if it’s done regularly and may take years. But when it comes to laser hair removal, the hair follicle is destroyed using the laser beam, which hinders its growth. However, some patients may need a touchup session to get their maximum hair removed.

Comes with No Pain

With improvement in technology, laser hair removal treatment comes with no pain at all. However, it is essential only to visit a professional Laser Hair Removal Clinic and discuss with your doctor.

Cheaper and Minimal Side-Effects

Everything comes with side effects, and laser treatment has minimalistic side effects. However, most of them occur only when the patient is negligent after their treatment. Besides, if you visit an amateur who doesn’t know how to control a laser beam, he may burn or scar your skin.