It’s impossible to mention Xamarin when it comes to delivering smart cross-platform mobile applications. The platform, that was founded in 2011, has throttled the native app development industry by its top tier features and accessible development services. Moreover, according to a survey, roughly 26 per cent of software developers use Xamarin for cross-platform frameworks, making it a leader amongst the most used coding frameworks worldwide.

A significant reason why a majority of enterprises are choosing top mobile app development companieslies in Xamarin’s simplicity of app development approach. Interestingly, the framework allows developers to create smart and powerful native apps at lower expenses that significantly reduce the mobile app development budget. This allows business owners to allocate a larger portion of their budget on core business operations, thus generating a better return on investments.

But having a lower development cost can’t be the sole reason to choose a framework, are there other prominent reasons which makes Xamarin a better choice over its peers? What are the major benefits of using Xamarin for cross-platform or native app development services? Read our article and find out all the answers to your questions.

Why choosing Xamarin as a cross-platform or native development tool is a low-risk decision for every enterprise?

1. Single code for all platforms

One of the significant benefits of using Xamarin is its tendency to use C# language and .NET framework that enables the developers to churn out Android, iOS, Windows, and even MacOS desktop applications. Moreover, this also helps the brand to maintain two or more applications using a single server that offers better manageability and higher productivity from your product.

2. Performance equivalent to Native

As the development of realistic apps can increase your budget, choosing Xamarin helps enterprises leverage much better features that produce above equivalent results. For instance, Xamarin comes with its powerful native features like Hot Reload, Xamarin.Forms, libraries like OpenGL ES and SkiaSharp and Urho frameworks that helps mobile app development companies to make rich custom UI and complex animations at lower expenses.

3. Open-source UI

Another major perk of using the Xamarin framework is that the framework is powered by a global audience that constantly updates it with new security renders, updates, and software drivers. Not only does this allow the platform to be better than the previous day, but it also manages to be more scalable, usable, and reliable for the custom mobile app development services.

4. Reusable code

Xamarin manages to stay ahead of other popular mobile app development languages by ensuring that each developer can use or share an average of 80-90 per cent of the code across various channels. This allows a much rapid software development tool kit for mobile app development service providers, thus speeding your project development lifecycle up to 2 to 3 months.

5. Robust hardware support

Xamarin framework offers robust hardware support and delivers much less expensive app functionality and top-notch native-level app experience. Additionally, Xamarin also brings several vital features, plugins and specific APIs that work smoothly with all standard device across all major platforms. This property helps entrepreneurs to enlarge their market presence while maintaining minimum hardware compatibility problems in their mobile app.

6. Simplified app maintenance

Maintaining an app is amongst the most crucial parts to make sure your app doesn’t crash and generate negative leads, impacting your revenues. To make sure your app is crash-proof, mobile app development companies deploy Xamarin’s innovative maintenance tools such as Test Xamarin and XAML Hot Reload that allow developers to make the changes in real-time while your app could still be functioning online.

7. Xamarin support of TVs, wearables, and IoT

In addition to Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices, entrepreneurs are also using Xamarin to develop third-party in-app integration for TV, wearables and IoT. For example, many companies are using Xamarin.iOS that allows their customers to connect their apps with tvOS for Apple and watchOS, giving them a better command and control over their mobile apps.

8. Backed by strong corporate support

Xamarin is a product of Microsoft that paves its way over the tech giant’s credibility and confidentiality. Moreover, the company firmly believes in the product services and is also building a much more extensive native Xamarin library to offer a plethora of mobile app development tools and services that can withstand every industry standard.

In the last few years, the mobile app industry has seen skyrocketing growth which is nowhere near the exemption. With a neck-to-neck industry competition, it is crucial to partner with leading experts to develop your mobile app to make sure your app gets an organic audience and generates long-term profits. 

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