Wooden Ovens for Pizza Baking


Old is gold! When it comes to pizza, nothing beats the good old traditional wood-based fire oven. The taste you get while using a traditional wooden oven is just on another level. You simply cannot compare its taste to a typical pizza being manufactured inside an all-electric oven. There is a huge difference in terms of its taste, quality and baking time, etc. If you are considering a wood-fired oven, you might want to look into a used Middleby Marshall pizza oven for baking yourself a delicious hot pizza.

Why Wooden Ovens?

With using an oven-based pizza, you will find its texture to be a bit thin, crispy and smoky.There is a reason that pizza experts keep on recommending people to use wooden ovens. That is because a wood-fired oven is the only type that will provide you with an ultra-rich pizza flavor. Even if you are just an amateur guy who never stepped into the kitchen ever before, having installed a small wooden oven in your house can do you wonders. You can make your very own creative pizza recipes with your friends and family members right at the comfort of your own home. Host parties and wow the people with your skills.

The wooden ovens date back to ancient times of food preparations. We are here to tell you few reasons as to why such an oven is recommended by experts for baking a pizza. You can thank us later!

They take less time to cook pizza

While an electric oven takes about 15 to 20 minutes to bake one pizza, a wooden oven will take about 2 to 5 minutes only! These ovens can instantly get to high temperatures whereas conventional electric ovens take more time and max out at a certain temperature point.

It enhances the pizza flavor

Pizza baked in a fire oven gives it a delicious smoky taste and a unique texture due to the way heat is distributed inside the oven. This gives the pizza a distinct taste when compared to other types of methods.

It saves energy

This is one of the best reasons on its own. Using a wooden oven will save you hefty amounts of electricity bills and energy consumptions. If you are looking for a green and eco-friendly option, this might be the way for you!

It helps to retain the food nutrients

Wooden ovens tend to preserve several nutrients and antioxidants while the pizza is being baked inside it. Cooking it in other types of the oven will not preserve them. Therefore it is considered a preferred choice for health-conscious people.

It lasts longer

These ovens tend to last for years due to their rugged structure. You might have a limited warranty period for most of the electricity-based ovens, but a well-built wooden oven can work for years ahead without any expensive maintenance.

Last Words

All in all, the benefit of having a wooden-based pizza oven is far more than other conventional ovens. It is low on maintenance, gives you one of the best tasting pizzas, and is an eco-friendly option. You can’t go wrong with investing in such an oven.

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