Keeping in line with the growing trend of cosmetic procedures, many people who’re not in line to set up appointments are rather confused. They just can’t seem to understand what the fuss is about.

This is probably because the majority is of the opinion that plastic surgeries and invasive cosmetic procedures are risky and unreliable. They believe that orthodox treatments and operating mechanisms are still at play. Even now, most people who’re not aware of what’s happening in the cosmetic industry will probably warn people to stay away from these procedures.

But why is plastic surgery becoming more and more common with each passing day? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people go for cosmetic procedures:

Social Acceptance:

The youth of today focuses on working on one’s self. What is now termed as self-care consists of more than just eating healthy and exercising. You now have to work on every part of yourself that you want to improve. Whether it’s the working of your body or the body itself, you should do whatever makes you feel better.

To be validated in society, you must first learn to validate yourself. And if you find anything that’s not according to your liking, you have the right and duty to change it.

This encourages people to go for cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation and Microdermabrasion in Dubai. Moreover, countless teenagers are now coming to set up appointments with surgeons for rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, and other invasive procedures as well.

It’s surprising to see the increasing amount of people who’re signing up for invasive fat reduction procedures as well. Considering how people thought of them to be the riskiest and most dangerous operations in the world, it’s remarkable to see the changing tides.

Social Media

More than anything else, social media platforms have single-handedly brought about a revolutionary boom in the cosmetic industry. Before, people were very fearful and ashamed of the fact that they were going for a cosmetic procedure. Surgeons who’ve been in practice for more than 10 years can all vouch for the days when people preferred to come in through backdoors. The stigmatization that surrounded the topic of plastic surgeries has witnessed a drastic change.

Now, teenagers and young adults can’t wait to show photos of themselves getting a procedure to their friends. In fact, it’s a huge trend on platforms like Instagram to get yourself a plastic surgery and post before and after pictures. This goes to prove that people are getting more and more involved with plastic surgeries and the stigma is dying out.


Over the past few years, cosmetic procedures have become more affordable. That is mostly because the processes have become far less complicated. The presence and availability of state of the art equipment in cosmetic surgery clinics have made this happen. 

Some of the latest innovations in procedures like CoolSculpting, Vanish and Microdermabrasion Dubai are incredible. The modern equipment allows surgeons to get the procedure over within just a few hours. Compared to the past when a single procedure took up the whole day, nowadays, surgeons are getting done with 5-6 big ones in a single day.  

Since it’s simple and easy to perform a procedure and it helps in growing the number of clients, a reduction in prices seemed like a step forward. This also helps us understand why there are more surgeons opening up clinics everywhere. The availability of cosmetic procedures, experts to perform them, and the necessary equipment required to do it are all present. 


As discussed above, the innovations and technological advancements in the field of cosmetic surgeries have enabled surgeons to perform more accurate procedures faster than before. Moreover, the rates and the risks associated with each cosmetic procedure are at an all-time low. Thus, it’s easier for surgeons to set up shop in more regions.

Now, you can get plastic surgery in Dubai, Brazil, USA, Mexico, Germany, and even India. There are reliable clinics with qualified and experienced surgeons taking on cases and providing satisfactory results. Obviously, it’s imperative that you choose the best surgeon near you in order to ensure the highest chances for the best results.

The risks, as well as results of any plastic surgery, is entirely dependent upon who you go to for your procedure. No treatment is harmful to the human body unless it’s not been performed accurately. 

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