Why Doodles are Easier Dogs than Poodles


The wave of designer dogs in recent years has shown the remarkable qualities that the (giant, standard, and toy) poodle provides when mixed with other breeds. More commonly known as “doodles”, these dogs are sought after not only for their aesthetics. There are other, more subtle traits that make these dogs so valuable.

While the Toy poodle itself may not seem like the nicest-natured dog, common doodle crosses like the Shih-poo or Mini Whoodle are relentlessly sweet. Finding the right doodle to suit you, your family, and your environment is important. Consider the following categories when deciding which of the 40+ types of goldendoodle tail there are out there.

Hypoallergenic Fur

If you’ve ever considered getting a poodle, or anyone in your family has a dog allergy, you will know all about hypoallergenic fur. Put simply it means that the fur is less likely to cause allergic reactions.

This is an absolutely imperative consideration for households with members who have any degree of allergic reaction to dog fur, as it will impact their daily life.

As poodles are hypoallergenic, most kinds of Doodle are also considered hypoallergenic dog breeds, meaning the aforementioned Shihpoo or Mini Whoodle may be suitable. Although this is entirely dependent on theory, you will need to expose yourself (or whoever has dog allergies in your household) to the dog first to be sure.

Also, if you’re considering other doodle breeds, make sure that the secondary breed (not the poodle) also has hypoallergenic fur.

Lifespan and Health

The average lifespan of a healthy poodle is between 12 and 15 years, which is considered quite long in terms of dog life. When it comes to doodles, a similar life span can be expected in healthy pups, although the average lifespan of the other breed will come into play. Most doodles will live between 10 and 15 years, and during that time they are prone to only a few health conditions compared with other dogs.

Health Conditions

Due to the nature of selective breeding, most modern dog breeds can expect some specific health problems in their later years. Whether it’s due to their build, or the shape of their face, the way we’ve bred them has come at a cost to them.

With poodles, the most common health complications they face are cataracts which can cause Progressive Retinal Atrophy, resulting in blindness. Poodles are also highly prone to getting cancer, you can read more about how to avoid that and the signs that show here.

When it comes to doodles then, these health problems will remain a potential threat to your dog’s health and happiness. The other breed can add to the list of complications, or intensify the severity of one or more.

The Shihpoo and Mini Whoodle, for example, are at high risk of cataract and eye-related problems due to Shih Tzus, wheaten terriers, and poodles having those problems separately.


As previously alluded to, poodles are known to be yappy and aggressive dogs, although if you’ve ever owned one you may see that behavior quite differently. Poodles are highly intelligent, alert, and active dogs who are loyal and want to protect their family, property, and livelihood at all costs.

This makes them not only great guard dogs but also good dogs for young children as they will benefit from walking and playing with them often.

Roll the Doodle Dice

While these traits aren’t guaranteed in doodles, it’s not uncommon for them to present themselves, making most mini aussiedoodles for sale a stimulating household pet. While looking at the traits of the secondary breed will give you an idea of the likely outcome of a doodle, the best way to know is in person.

Before buying any puppies be sure to meet both of the parents where possible, and spend some time with them to get an idea of how their pups may turn out.

Half the Battle

Simply finding a nice-natured dog and bringing them into your household doesn’t ensure that the dog will keep that nature throughout its life.

How you treat and train your dog has a huge impact on how they turn out, so be sure to do your research into training the qualities you appreciate. If you want a dog that is intelligent, be sure to stimulate them by teaching them new tricks and involving them in your daily life.

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