You might be wondering why you should hire an electrician to install your lamp. After all, surely you have a screwdriver at home and a rough idea of ​​which cables and plugs go where?

As with all electrical work, the rule is the same: It is not only easier, but also safer to have an electrical installation carried out by professional electrical services Coolum.

Even when installing a simple lamp on the ceiling, there is a risk of damage, faulty lamps or even, in the worst case, electrocution if a professional is not called in.

Also, every lamp is by far not a standard installation in a place intended for this purpose. As you can see: Do it yourself quickly comes up against its limits.

The professional solves all the problems

Electricians are specialized in different types of lamps and in any type of electrical installation. Electricians guarantee that your lamp is installed correctly and that it is a perfect trap, not only electrically, but also aesthetically.

Finally, electricians have all the tools and accessories necessary to fix your lamp. Not to mention that electricians can also advise you on the difficulties encountered during installation.

What should be included in the request for quotation?

When writing a request for quotation, you should enter all the data that could be important for the craftsman in as much detail as possible. The more an electrician knows about the situation on site, the more he will be able to submit a precise offer to you.

Describe what type of lamp or electrical installation it is, if only the lamp should be installed or if additional switches should be installed, or if an old lamp should be removed and a new one connected in the same place. Finally, the material the wall or ceiling is made of is also important.

The following points are particularly important:

In principle, you have to distinguish whether you want to connect a wall or ceiling light for the first time or whether you have to dismantle and replace an old ceiling light first.

If your home is old, you must take into account the possible obsolescence of the power lines.

Depending on the type of lamp and the nature of the wall or ceiling, the electrician will need special tools for the connection.

Compare non-binding offers

What should be paid attention to?

Special precautions must be taken when working on power lines. In concrete terms, this means cutting off the electrical circuit before starting work. The electrician will switch the affected fuses in your fuse box before starting their work.

When mounting the lamp, the correct connections must also be taken into account. In old buildings in particular, they are not always correctly marked. The trusted electrician knows how to do it.

What are the difficulties encountered?

The installation of a lamp is often made difficult by the fact that the existing cables and connections are too short.

It is therefore often necessary to have more than two hands, that is to say two experienced professionals with the necessary knowledge. As a general rule, it shouldn’t be necessary to hire more than two professionals to install a lamp.

During a professional electrical installation, care is taken to ensure that all cables are hidden at the end, that the connections are perfectly adjusted and that the suspensions are straight.

Watch out for the basement!

An often underestimated difficulty when fixing lamps is the nature of the ceiling or wall. In the case of plasterboard ceilings, commercially available dowels are not enough, special additional fasteners are required.

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