Why Good Quality Patio Furniture Covers Are a Must Have


Patio furniture covers are essential for many reasons, especially in climates where snow or rain can be expected. Covers protect furniture from the elements so it is always available to use when needed. They also help furniture look newer for longer because they shield furniture from dirt and debris. If you want your patio furniture to last through the years, invest in high-quality furniture covers that will provide ample protection during storms and downpours.

The Benefits of Using Patio Furniture Covers

1) Extra UV Protection –  

A quality cover can prevent furniture from fading due to exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is a big factor for many homeowners since furniture should be designed with colors other fabrics that dye easily fade from extended sun exposure. Outdoor table cover guards furniture against high heat which causes cracking so furniture lasts longer.

2) Protection from Dirt and Debris –   

Not just rain but dirt, leaves, and dust can also damage furniture over time. High-quality furniture covers protect furniture from all these harmful elements to extend the life of furniture significantly. Furniture covers are especially important for furniture that is kept outdoors because it is exposed to harmful chemicals like salt in the winter months when roads are salted after snowstorms. Salt can rust metal furniture causing it to corrode or become damaged if left untreated. Wood may be warped by moisture if it is not sealed with furniture protectors.

3) Prevents Furniture Water Stains –  

Umbrella furniture covers prevent furniture from water damage caused by melting snow dripping down furniture and soaking furniture upholstery. A quality furniture cover can also help furniture stay dry during a storm due to a sudden downpour of rain. This helps furniture maintain its color for longer periods of time since it is not absorbing moisture because furniture covers guard furniture from getting wet.

4) Minimizes Furniture Dust Buildup –   

High-quality patio furniture covers minimize dust build-up because they keep the air surrounding the outdoor furniture clear of any debris, dirt or harmful pollution particles that cause these things to accumulate on furniture surfaces if left untreated. Covers may be made of porous materials to allow furniture to breathe and furniture covers with mesh ventilation is recommended by many furniture manufacturers.

Top Tips for Making Your Patio Furniture Covers Last:

  • Use furniture protectors underneath furniture covers to keep furniture dry during rainstorms and prevent water damage from melting snow. This is an important step if furniture covers are not made of waterproof material because it helps furniture stay clean longer as well since they will not absorb moisture as easily as they would without protection.
  • Clean your patio furniture before you put on patio furniture covers because this facilitates adhesion between furniture and the fabric of the cover so it lasts longer. It also helps prevent dirt build-up in crevices where insects are more likely to invade and cause furniture damage.
  • Store furniture covers in a dry place during the off-season to prevent furniture from getting damp and possibly mildewed or moldy due to condensation that accumulates when furniture is stored improperly in moist places like basements.

Factors Needed To Consider When Buying Patio Furniture Covers:  

Waterproof Material –   

Waterproof furniture covers are recommended because they will not warp or fade furniture when furniture covers are not made of waterproof material, especially if the furniture is kept outdoors for long periods of time. Waterproof material can also help your outdoor furniture stay clean longer since it does not absorb dirt and grime like other types of fabric furniture coverings might be likely to do. Therefore, waterproof furniture covers are the wisest choice if the furniture is kept outdoors for long periods of time.

Locking Clamps –   

Locking clamps on furniture covers allow furniture to stay secure underneath the furniture cover even during high winds that cause other furniture covers to fly off furniture. This prevents damage that can be caused by high-velocity wind gusts like scratching, gouging, and denting which may not be immediately visible but become more apparent as furniture ages since this type of damage become increasingly obvious with age.

Breathability –   

Breathable furniture covers are recommended because they help prevent mildew from forming under furniture covers over extended periods of time when moisture is trapped against furniture surfaces or fabric sofa covers are being used. Some furniture covers have mesh ventilation which furniture manufacturers recommend.

Pest Protection –   

Covers with pest protection are recommended because they provide furniture with an added layer of protection against harmful insects that may penetrate furniture seams, exposed furniture legs, and exposed furniture joints where small gaps may allow entry for pests like termites, ants, or other insects that damage furniture over time.


Protect furniture from outside elements when furniture is being stored in a shed or outdoor furniture storage area by covering furniture with furniture covers made of waterproof fabric. This will keep furniture clean and dry during rainstorms which can cause furniture to warp, fade or get mildew if the furniture is left untreated.

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