Weddings were a matter of simplicity and minimum mess in the older times. Still, the current youth wants to have the element of fun and enjoyment in every event, and every place and so, different parties with the title of XYZ shower started getting celebrated. A bridal shower is one such celebration. Amidst all the hustle-bustle of the wedding and the anxiety of starting the new not so bachelor phase of life, every girl deserves to have a day with her friends and closed ones where she does not have to worry. And she is there to cut cakes, get ready, have pictures and enjoy as much as she wants. 

Bridal shower in a Pakistani bridal wear, baby shower, and parties named like these were not a part of our awareness in the earlier times. People just attended the wedding and found it enough. Then the detailing in everything increased, and people started observing everything very keenly. The reason everyone wanted to have the perfect wedding, and by ideal, we all know it meant a great deal of money. In the 1840s, when the trend of a party for the bride started getting held, which proved very helpful because people gave her all sorts of presents that she might have to spend money on by herself. However, this is why it is a highly celebrated event both in the eastern and western sides of the world. Best friends, colleagues, sisters, and cousins get together to celebrate the excitement of their bride to be and to cherish her new life.

Bridal showers became a part of wedding traditions following the dowry practices. There was a lot of burden on the bride’s family during the wedding festivities. So the bridal shower was meant to relax the family. Friends and family joined together to provide financial help as well as gifts for the bride that shall prove helpful to her in her next life. Amidst all the panic of starting a new relationship to having butterflies in the stomach at the thought of having a partner by your side all the time, every bride deserves a meritorious bridal shower party. The way a guy has his bachelorette party, a girl has her bridal shower. The bridal shower party is a pre-wedding party, and most of the time, it is an all-girls get together.

Bridal showers were always supposed to be private intimate function involving only the closed ones. The Bridal shower is mostly planned as a surprise for the bride and introduced to her very last minute. One primary reason why this has become such a significant part of everyone’s lives is that the white people started this trend back in the 1800s, and gradually, it gained everyone’s attention. Most of the cultures around the world have involved this practice as a compulsory one in their wedding traditions. A bridal shower also does not bring any harm to anyone. It supports the bride and her wedding preparations in many ways.

Themed showers, weekend-long showers, A learning shower, A Jack and Jill shower, Food-based showers are all the latest trends that make a part of the latest bridal shower trends. One decides which one they want according to their plans and the happiness of the bride. The groom is not supposed to attend the bridal shower, let alone the bride wants him to.  If you desire to have a wedding without a bridal shower, that is a personal choice, and everyone should respect that, but what harm shall it cause you to have a little fun that you deserve amidst all the chaos? Nothing.

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