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You could be leaving a lot of money on the table if you’re not following up with your customers.

State Farm has denied roof claim for an insurance customer and we want to make sure you know this.

According to State Farm, the property owner did not present enough evidence in their claim that caused the damage was due to wind and hail, which is why it was not covered under their insurance policy. This is a common mistake made by people filing claims – they don’t thoroughly document how the damage occurred or what caused it. That might save them some time in submitting paperwork, but they are also setting themselves up for mishandling an insurance claim (or worse).

When your client’s roof was damaged, causing water and mold to invade their home, you needed to act quickly. The insurance company denied the claim, which left the customer without an option other than a legal battle. But if you acted quickly, you could have prevented it from turning into a legal battle and saved both parties time and money.

Here is how you could have helped your client avoid spending thousands in attorney fees:

And now that we know what happened, how can I help my customer?

State Farm will not pay for repairs unless it can be shown the damage was caused by wind or hail.

The State Farm policyholder claimed that their roof was damaged by ice and not wind, which is why they did not qualify for a claim. However, the only evidence that was received by State Farm stated that the damage was caused by water.

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As a result, it’s clear the homeowner did not present all of the necessary documentation to support their claim. This left them with only one option – a legal battle to obtain reimbursement for damages.

But if you were able to provide more evidence to support your client’s claim, it could have been handled quickly and saved both parties from spending thousands in attorney fees.

What You Need To Know About State Farm Denied Roof Claims

In case you missed the article last week, State Farm denied the roof claims on five homes in the town of Killen, Texas. One reason that is emerged after investigation was that a person who had been killed in a car accident on March 31st was buried underneath the damaged home.

The person’s remains were found when someone made repairs to their home, so it appears as though they were trying to make good by covering up their deed by claiming it didn’t have any damage. The cost of repairs was going to be a little over $120,000 so they decided to use the dead person’s identity to file a claim with State Farm.

Before the incident unfolded, State Farm had already paid out $2.1 million in claims for the hail damage. After seeing that the payout was a little over their estimated budget, they decided to deny all of the claims for roof repair and will now take legal action against those who tried to defraud them out of additional money.

State Farm says that it is not able to stop these types of actions because there are too many people who are willing to try something like this as long as it involves big insurance companies. The Texas residents are going to have to fight this in court and hope that State Farm looks past the fraud that occurred.

Side Note: State Farm also asked the town if their insurance for automobiles would cover the damages, but it was denied by their insurance company so they were forced to do the repairs themselves.

The home owners should not have to pay for this, especially those who had already paid out $2 million in claims so State Farm should work with the town and try to find a solution instead of taking that which was already taken from them.

What Is State Farm Denied Roof Claim and How Does It Work?

Every day, thousands of people are involved in accidents or have property damage that they need to fix. This can be inconvenient and troublesome because if your car is totaled, you don’t want to drive it home and then buy a new one just for the insurance deductible. And even if you have a new car, there are still expenses like replacing a window or repairing the roof after the accident. In order to minimize this hassles and speed up the process of returning to normal, State Farm offers its Denied Roof Claim program which helps people take care of property damage quickly.

What Is a Denied Roof Claim?

If your roof is damaged in a car accident, you may think you have full coverage insurance. Unfortunately, many insurance companies have clauses in their contracts that mean they won’t cover this type of damage. State Farm has been one of the leading providers of insurance and the largest auto insurer in America for over 60 years and they know how this can be frustrating for customers. That is why they created the denied roof claim program to help people get their property damage covered quickly and easily.

This program allows users to file a claim with State Farm who then provides a free inspection of the damaged area within 24 hours or less. If the roof is covered by their policy, they will have one of their contractors make the repairs and send you a check within 7 to 10 business days. If the roof is not covered, they will work with you to file a claim under another policy.

What Does State Farm Cover?

If your roof is damaged by an insured driver in any auto accident, it is typically covered. This includes accidents that occur on public roads or private property like your home or apartment complex. It does not include damage from vandalism, malicious intent or acts of nature such as tornadoes and hurricanes. If your roof is damaged by a fire or smoke, you will also need to file a separate claim with your fire insurance provider.