Why Is PMP Certification Important To Your Career?


We live in a world in which everything is defined as a project. It is a highly competitive world where every organization has to face various challenges such as finishing a project on time and working with certain monetary restraints.  With enterprises losing a huge amount of money which is spent on ineffective project management, organizations are readily recruiting experts with a Project Management certification for the various nuanced aspects of project management such as portfolio, program, and projects. Furthermore, you can also visit PMP bootcamp in copenhagen for a better experience.

How To Obtain A PMP Certification?

The eligibility criteria for taking any PMP certification course is to have a four-year degree in any field, and a minimum of 4,500 hours dedicated to projects. The PMP certification costs around $400 for PMI individual members and $555 for non-members. Most candidates choose to spend additional money on its online training to ensure they pass the exam. If you keep in mind the expected 20 per cent salary hike, this certification is well worth the investment.

Why A PMP Certification Is The Right Choice 

  1. Add Credibility To Your Skills

After the successful completion of any Project Management certification course, you are termed to be an expert professional in this domain. While applying for a new job, this serves as the credibility of your abilities and skills in this domain. A PMP certification boosts your resume and you will come off as a credible expert to your potential employers.

  1. Better Job Prospects

According to a famous Project Management report, it is expected that by 2027, organizations will require more than 90 million employees working in various project management based roles. Currently, there is a dearth of such qualified talent. So taking up a Project Management training program may be the correct career choice for you.

  1. Better Career Growth

A certified PMP course not only helps you in learning new skills in your domain but also boosts the way you learn to achieve better growth. These courses make the perfect base for you to fast track your way to the top.

  1. Keep Up With Trends

The PMI strives hard to keep up with the rapidly changing industry and is always up to date with any new changes. The course’s content is regularly updated and enhanced based on the current market situation. Therefore, you’ll be learning the newest project management certification courses which consist of the latest techniques and trends.

  1. More Diverse Jobs

As a certified PMP expert, you’ll be competent enough to attend meetings organized by the PMI for its members and get to know about the various discoveries in this domain and also receive updates about any new job roles. The skills and experience you acquire through PMP certification online courses make you stand out of the rest in this competitive job market. According to the popular survey in 2018, PMP certified experts earn 23% more than those without this certification. 

  1. More Polished Skills

Before passing a certified PMP exam, candidates have to experience certified PMP training. The exam is designed to test your knowledge plus application skills of this domain. Therefore, you will need to devote several hours upon reading course materials, extensively researching the topic, and practising to be able to successfully handle any part of the exam.

  1. Increases Your Marketability

A PMP certification is a globally recognized certification. It is accepted by the entire business community all over the world. One of its biggest advantages of this certification is that it increases your marketable skills and acts as proof of your experience as a Project Manager. Koenig Solutions’ globally-recognized Project Management certification training courses are delivered by expert instructors of this domain. 

CAPM Certification

CAPM certification is the short form for Certified Associate Project Management certification. It is a globally recognized professional experience course for certified Project Managers. This exam is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) which strives on achieving optimum business performance and exponential career growth. This course provides valuable insights into project executing, regulating and supervising various project management techniques. 

Risk Management

Project Risk Management involves all the measures involved in risk identification, protection, and reduction of threats on a project. The sole objective of such a risk management course is to boost opportunities for any organization (positive risks) and decrease the occurrence of negative risks (threats).

There are 6 processes under Project Risk Management:

  • Planning the correct risk management techniques
  • Identifying risks and potential threats in the system
  • Performing qualitative risk analysis 
  • Performing quantitative risk analysis
  • Planning the  correct countermeasure for the threat 
  • Applying the countermeasure to nullify the risk


Some people have an opinion that PMP certification courses are quite expensive, time-consuming and difficult and are therefore not worth enough. But, many experts treat PMP certification as a must-have credential to excel in your career. Unlike other certification courses that focus on a specific domain, a PMP certified professional has the luxury to work in any industry and location as it is globally accepted.
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