If you own a house and/or other valuable assets, you possibly have one question in your mind, “Can I write my own will? Or Should I hire an attorney?” Most people never think about creating a Will before retirement. However, we all have heard and some may have even witnessed the unpleasant family drama after a loved one passes away. The blood feuds that spark up after the sudden demise of a family member can turn ugly. So, to avoid inheritance disputes, it is best to think of unforeseen situations and prepare your Will before the worst happens. But to write a will on your own doesn’t guarantee you will prevent a future family feud.  Even if you understand what a Will is, not everyone understands the nitty-gritty of this legal document. In simple words, a Will is a document that contains details of your assets and specifies who will receive those assets after your death.

Creating a Will is part of estate planning that helps to protect your last wishes and lays out your intentions to your loved ones. With dozens of templates and online how-to videos, you can think of writing your own Will. However, if you’re serious about the inheritance of your assets, it is best to hire a professional attorney for this task.

Why You Need to Hire an Attorney for Writing a Will?

What if you want to leave some of your property to charity? Whether you want to give your vintage car to your beloved friend or want your grandchild to inherit your heirloom, it is important to draft a legally acceptable Will that specifies who gets what after your death. A DIY will is prone to errors and has a risk that your wishes are not fulfilled upon your death. So, if you’re thinking of writing your will, here are some reasons why it’s better to hire a professional lawyer.

1.      Get a Legally Binding Will

When it comes to creating a will, you need to follow proper legal rules to ensure that the document can be recognized and accepted in a court of law. A single mistake or error in drafting this document could invalidate your Will. However, when you hire a lawyer, you get a legally binding will that can hold up in court. Your attorney will not only specify who gets your assets but can also address components of your estate plan.  Only a professional can create an error-free Will that addresses all important aspects such as assets inheritance, guardianship of any minor children, executor of your estate, and more to eliminate chances of future disputes during probate.

2.      Navigate Complicated Family Dynamics

A Will attorney not just draft a Will but can also help in the legal proceedings should the need arise. Your lawyer can handle creating a legally acceptable Will and handling the probate. In addition to this, an estate planning lawyer can handle complex family needs. Whether you have an ex-wife or your current partner has children with the ex-partner, a qualified lawyer can create a Will that suits a complex family structure. Moreover, your lawyer can help in lowering the tax burden on your beneficiaries while protecting your interest. 

3.      Update Your Will

Will attorneys have several years of knowledge and experience in creating estate plans and Wills. Their expertise not only helps in drafting a comprehensive will, but also allows you to keep updating this document as your life and circumstances change. A lot of things change with time. You may get divorced, have a child, or become a grandparent. Your lawyer can review this document and update it to meet your current life situations and wishes.