Plantronics wireless headsets


Plantronics Wireless Headsets

Wireless headphones are accountable for bringing convenience to the life of users due to their advanced features. However, users have to face various problems while using them in offices. Their audio quality is not perfect for attaining business targets appropriately. Moreover, users can face interruption while communicating due to battery drainage issues. People avoid using these headphones due to such drawbacks because these problems affect the performance of employees.

Let’s discuss the reasons behind less usage of wireless headphones in small businesses:

1) Inefficient Audio Quality:

Audio quality is considered one of the most important aspects of headphones. Thus, it depends on the size, type, and quality of drivers. Moreover, it is also dependent on the design of the headphone and the distance from the transmitter.

The performance of the employees is based on the acoustic quality of their gadgets. That is why the users need to choose a gadget equipped with perfect acoustic quality for communicating remarkably. Wireless earphones work perfectly if the distance between them and the smartphone does not exceed the specified limit.

They cannot deliver desired audio results to the users working in an official environment which is not acceptable by them at all. Users prefer a gadget that ensures clarity of voice at both ends. Efficient ways of communication can be relished with the help of wired earphones because they do not compromise sound quality.

2) Battery:

Wireless headphones need to be charged completely for using them uninterruptedly. Battery drainage issues cause problems for users while doing their official tasks. Charging batteries over and over again is quite annoying for the users. Users cannot talk on a phone call efficiently if the headphone is not fully charged.

Thus, users cannot perform their tasks with full concentration in this manner. Battery drainage problems can cause a distraction while continuing official conversations. That is why users cannot rely on such gadgets because they cause problems in case of a power outage.

3) More Expensive:

The cost of a gadget matters a lot for users because they want to buy a high-quality gadget within their budget. Small businesses cannot afford to buy the most expensive cordless earphones because it affects the profits of the company

Users have to pay higher prices for buying wireless earphones, which is not possible in the case of small businesses. Wired headphones are less expensive and offer perfect acoustic results. That is why users fascinate with corded headphones due to their low cost and improved performance.

Wired earphones offer the same quality at a reasonable cost for the sake of user satisfaction. Jabra wireless headsets are perfectly engineered with remarkable technological aspects for satisfying the acoustic needs of the customers conveniently. Furthermore, they ensure freedom of movement for the sake of the user’s convenience.

4) Interference:

Wireless earphones can suffer interference because they work without cables. These interferences affect the quality of sound, which is not acceptable by the users at all. Sound quality is one of the major aspects of achieving a company’s goals appropriately.

Thus, users cannot compromise on the acoustic quality while selecting a headset. These headphones distort the audio, which results in reduced clarity. In official environments, wired headphones are highly preferred because they suffer zero interference.

Thus, there will be no cuts in the transmission while using corded earphones. This interference is caused if your headset is using a simply overcrowded frequency. The users need to stay away from obvious obstructions to avoid all kinds of inconveniences during important phone calls. These problems can be avoided by making use of wired earphones.

5) The Difficulty of Use and Compatibility:

Connecting the wireless earphones is not an easy task, and it requires full consideration of the users. In the case of wired headphones, users just need to plug the wires and start working without any delay. However, connecting wireless headphones is difficult because you have to turn on Bluetooth mode initially.

After turning on the Bluetooth mode, users need to access the available devices list and select the desired device. Then, they have to pair both devices to make a stable and powerful connection. Additionally, everyone is not aware of the functionality of cordless earphones.

Moreover, these earphones are only compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices. However, all the devices in an official environment are not Bluetooth-enabled. That is why these earphones are not highly desirable in small offices.

Sennheiser Wireless Headsets are responsible for ensuring great acoustic results and outstanding battery life. Improved communication solutions can be enjoyed through these high-performance headphones. People do not need to deal with tangled wires for interacting effectively through such earphones.

Final Words:


All the above-mentioned aspects are quite helpful for clarifying why Plantronics wireless headsets are less preferred in small businesses. They are quite expensive and cannot be affordable for small businesses.

Additionally, their less effective acoustic quality is also a quite disturbing aspect for the users. People cannot perform their official duties in a better way through inefficient acoustic quality. Moreover, battery issues are also accountable for causing interruption while performing official responsibilities.

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