Smart homes have revolutionized the world. We are constantly adding newer technology to our homes every day and it may be happening for the next few years. While there have been a lot of technological advancements in smart products, one of the most recent ones is smart thermostats. Thermostats are part of most of our homes and we often have to walk over to them to make the temperature comfortable around us. A smart thermostat, unlike a traditional thermostat, automates the job. However, that is not the only benefit it offers. Here are a few reasons to get a smart thermostat for your home.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is one of the amazing features of a smart thermostat. This means you can go on vacation stress-free. You can turn it off when you leave and then set the ideal temperature so that as soon as you enter your home after a long flight, you can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere. Your smart thermostat will detect if the temperature has risen or dropped from a set temperature. and then signal your HVAC to work accordingly. So this way you can also monitor the productivity of your HVAC system. Similarly, if you are coming home from work, you can have your home cooled beforehand on a hot humid evening.

Get Alerts All the Time

The temperature in your home changes all the time. You may be concerned about any drastic changes that may occur. With a smart thermostat, you can have real-time updates as well as alerts regarding the changes in the temperature of your home. You can always set the limits yourself and soon as the temperature falls or increases, the thermostat sends alerts to your phone.

Save Energy

One of the best reasons to get a smart thermostat is to save on energy costs. Since the smart thermostat controls the HVAC system, you can schedule it to stop running in your absence. This way your HVAC will only run when there is someone in the home; consequently, cutting down on your energy bills. Similarly, after a long day at work when the family members in your home return you can set the thermostat to cool the home to your desired level. So, you can enter to find a comfortable ambiance in your home.

Track Energy Consumption

Digital thermostats have flooded the market and most of them come with the feature to track the use of energy. This is especially important to track the energy consumption trends of your home during different seasons. This will allow you to make adjustments to your heating and cooling systems in order to keep energy consumption costs within your budget. This is a major advantage of having a smart thermostat over a traditional one.

Remote Control

Unlike a traditional thermostat, a smart thermostat has the benefit of controlling the temperature of your home even you are not home. This is helpful when you want your home cooled after you come home from work. You can create schedules for your day to keep your home at the ideal temperature. Similarly, if you are going on a vacation you may want your home to be warm instead of cool when you come back home. Your smart thermostat will also send you alerts on your phone when the temperatures of your home fall below or rise above a set point. This lets you keep a check and maintain your home accordingly when you are absent.

Easy Installation

Smart Thermostat Installation is easy and simple. Even if you are not very tech-savvy, you can easily install a small thermostat with the user’s manual that comes with your smart thermostat. You may get a little confused with the wiring but as long you follow the instructions and identify the C wire, wire R, W, Rc, and Rh, you’re good to go. The manufacturer’s instructions are easily understood by a layman and you may not need professional help. The basic mechanism involves cutting the power to your old thermostat and then connect the wires to the new thermostat. You then have to install the faceplate of the new thermostat, reestablish the power connection and follow the instructions to re-program the thermostat.

Schedule the Temperature Automatically

There are many misconceptions among homeowners who are considering installing a smart thermostat in their homes because they feel it is going to be extremely hard for them to adjust the temperature.  However, it is the opposite of what they are thinking. It is much easier to schedule the heating and cooling with a smart thermostat than a traditional one. You also do not need to adjust the day-to-day temperatures manually as you have to in a traditional thermostat. Many smart thermostats also come with the feature of movement detection and they can detect when people are home. This way the heating and cooling systems only work when there are people in the home. Eventually, your smart thermostat will make a general pattern of when the family members are home or not, and adjust the HVAC system accordingly. Smart thermostats will also track the weather outside and based on that will regulate the temperature of your home.

Final Thoughts

A smart thermostat is a valuable addition to your home. Home automation makes the day’s mundane tasks easier and allows you to focus on spending time with your loved ones and your work. However, it is important that you do proper research regarding the features of the ones available in the market.

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