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There are only benefits and no harm if you decide to go all green. Caring about the environment extends far more than just not using plastic or recycling. Green living or eco-friendly living should be a lifestyle choice rather than something you just have to do. There are so many things on your part that you can do to make your everyday tasks more eco-friendly. The change you want to see in your environment starts from your own home. There are such little changes that you can make that would make a huge difference in the long term for the environment. One of these small things is changing to an eco-friendly disinfectant. You don’t realise it but disinfectants have a huge number of harmful chemicals in them.  Using an eco-friendly disinfectant would not only be beneficial to the environment but for you too. Choosing an eco-friendly disinfectant over any other change makes huge changes such as combating climate change, reducing air and water pollution and so on. Some of the major benefits of using an eco-friendly disinfectant are : 

  • HEALTHIER OPTION FOR YOUR HOME AND THE PLANET : Using an eco-friendly disinfectant is a double win for your family and the environment both. Huge numbers of chemicals found in a normal disinfectant can give rise to a number of health issues. The leftover particles of chemicals get mixed with your indoor air which is extremely harmful and can cause asthma and other lung diseases.  You won’t face skin infections or constant coughing or eye itching due to these disinfectants. If you have an infant or a senior citizen at your home it might be very harmful to them.  
  • COST EFFECTIVE – It’s a taboo regarding green products that they are extremely expensive but it’s not the case. The use of general cleaning products are rather expensive because of the use of chemicals they are made with. Products used to make eco-friendly disinfectants are easily accessible products making them less expensive. Additionally, using eco-friendly disinfectant helps you combat so many health issues making it more less expensive. Moreover, eco-friendly products are less abrasive and it could be used on any material and it wouldn’t cause any harm to it. 
  • NATURAL SMELL : Most disinfectants found in the market use artificial fragrance to make it more likeable but these artificial fragrances are not good for your health. People who tend to have migraines might get their migraines triggered with the fragrance because it’s so strong. Eco-friendly disinfectants mostly use their natural smell which is mostly citric in nature because of its natural ingredients. The smell is minimal and pleasant. 
  • OVERALL RISKS : Children are very vulnerable to chemical agents and develop chemical poisoning. If you have an infant who crawls on the floor that is likely to develop skin problems because of the remains of chemicals on the floor and other surfaces due to disinfectants. The chemical fumes rising from the disinfectants might Infect your HVAC system poisoning the whole air. 

It’s always good to do something better for the environment and eco-friendly disinfectant is something you don’t even need to put much effort on . All you need to do is change your disinfectant into an eco-friendly one.  More than the environment, it’s beneficial for your family and your home.