POS systems (Electronic Point of Sales) are changing the way that staff interacts with customers, which is having a real impact on the sales that businesses make. With POS  shopping becomes an interactive, enjoyable experience for customers and retailers alike. Read on to find out more about why you should be using POS  as part of your business strategy today: we provide Help Desk services that can support your retailer business and POS software system.

Our own Pine Labs retail POS system is like nothing else available in India and is designed to work with our products so you can be in control of your stock. Planning, ordering, reporting and much more is at your fingertips, giving you unprecedented levels of control – up to the second – on how your business is performing. There’s no doubt that a POS system has a big impact on the profitability and productivity of any retail organisation, but when it’s designed around you and your products you’ll also have a competitive advantage over your competitors who are still working without one.

How are POS systems changing retail?

Retailers have always had to compete with rivals and the new technologies involved have essentially forced them to gradually overcome the costs associated with ‘bricks and mortar’ as these technologies have inevitably made transactions very dependant on POS systems. Technologies like beacons, for example, are capable of changing the way in which people make purchases by removing the need for QR codes, barcodes or even cashiers.

These systems have been shown to help increase sales at physical stores by 25% through their ability to tie in products and promotions to online activity, as well as enabling real-time data analysis throughout the business and allowing employees from different locations to collaborate.

It’s been said that the customer is always right, and what retailer wouldn’t want the chance to put that statement to the test. That’s where point of sale systems (POS) fit in, by recognising buying trends and offering appropriate incentives. The key is to let technology do the work, while businesses focus on providing great service and a smooth buying process.

Why are POS systems important?

POS systems are extremely important in the retail industry as they enable retailers to keep their customers happy by providing fast and efficient customer service. In addition to this, they also help retailers speed up the transaction time footprint and therefore increase profits and customer satisfaction.

POS systems are also important for retailers who see speedy service as a priority. EPOS systems can make it much easier to process sales quickly, and reduce customer waiting times. In many cases, they allow customers to proceed straight from the till to the pick-up point, or even out of the store, meaning that the entire task is completed in a shorter amount of time.

Why should a retailer be using POS?

Having the ability to display prices and products in a centralized and flexible way is imperative for any retailer. This is where our range of goods comes into play. With four different displays, two being touch and two being non-touch, as well as a magnetic card reader, you can now avoid having stacks of cash in your tills.

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