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While working out the specs for your kitchen upgrade, you decided that granite countertops were not on your shortlist. If you based that decision on information gathered during your last remodel 20 years ago, you may want to take another look at this beautiful, natural, and versatile option for your Lima, OH home.

Granite is Available in a Wide Range of Colors

When granite first began making a big splash in the home improvement circles, most counters were cut from stone quarried in a few select places in America. This meant that a granite counter would be gray and white with hints of pink or rust.

Currently, kitchen counter manufacturers in the greater Lima area source stone slabs from across the world. This results in a huge variation of color, striation, and texture. A slab called Enchanted Forest introduces flecks of dark green into the mix. Maori is mostly black with stripes of gray slicing the stone expanse. Avatar includes waves of color in a wide range of hues that lend motion and intrigue to any surface. Today’s granite is certainly not the same stone found in your parent’s home.

Granite Countertops are Both Durable and Easy to Maintain

Are you concerned that a stone counter will require constant maintenance? The experts at Legacy Marble & Granite recommend that all of their customers use Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner & Conditioner to wipe up after daily messes. The product contains a mild sealant that maintains the seal of the counter and requires no lengthy application process. Those days of stripping down the kitchen to seal your counters are over.

You May be Surprised by the Options Found at the Showroom

Okay, so you are willing to consider granite and want to see what slabs are available for your project. Set up an appointment at your local Lima countertops shop to stroll through their showroom. Not only will you get to see the beautiful options in granite, but you will also get to take a gander at other surfaces. Quartzite, soapstone, and marble are also natural stones. Perhaps one of the display quartz countertops will appeal.

The most important thing while searching for a custom counter is to find one that makes you happy. If you see a slab that speaks to you, but you are hesitant about the material, there may be a similar option that will better suit your renovation.

Place Your Countertop Choices Side by Side to Make Your Best Decision

Finally, visiting the showroom gives you the chance to put the most attractive choices side by side. Hold the samples of your cabinetry up to them. Bring along floor and backsplash tile. Even your faucets! Now you are looking at the whole picture. Now you may see why granite appealed to your parents and how it will be a beautiful part of your home in the future.

Legacy Marble & Granite is committed to crafting unique countertops for all of their Lima, OH neighbors. Learn more about the available stone slabs and the installation process when you visit their showroom in Findlay, OH.

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