Passionate home gardeners and decorators usually realize that they have a personal preference for the styles of planters that they use. When working with plants, eagerly watching them grow, plant lovers will seek out the best planters they can find to dress up their beloved plant life and keep them safely contained. They want to find planters that coordinate well with each other in a limited space, flatter the plants they hold, and look nice on their own as subtle home decor.

Whether you maintain a large outdoor garden or keep a modest indoor garden, you want your plants and planters to look like they belong right where they are. To make them look like they fit in with everything else, you need to find the right planters for the role. You certainly have plenty of options to choose from as it relates to the exact type of planter box you would like decorating your home. You can look at planter boxes of different materials, colors, shapes, and styles to find the ones best suited for your preferences. If you are looking for recommendations, we might suggest looking at copper flower boxes for your home.

Mix Up Your Metals
Out of all the metals in creation, copper has certainly found itself a comfortable position in our homes for decoration. It makes an excellent choice for planters for both the quality of the material as well as the appearance of it. Experiment with metal planters and give these durable, long-lasting copper flower boxes a try. You can decorate your home and garden with varying shades of copper planters, or mix your metals with each other. That idea might sound a little chaotic at first, but when you start seeing metallics as an off-shoot of neutrals, it begins to make sense. Various neutrals work well with each other, since none of them seem out of place, though they are all different. You can have some fun mixing lighter and darker shades of metals.

Play With the Color
Copper has such an interesting, unique color that is hard to deny. Aside from gold, copper is the only elemental metal that is naturally yellow or gold in color. Although they are similar, there is no mistaking copper for gold. Copper has a warm depth to it that sets it apart from the bright metallic yellow of gold. It is truly a distinct color that can either be emphasized to draw the eye or played down to work well with other colors. It is such a fun option when styling as well; you could pair it up with floral arrangements to make the colors suit each other. For neutral colors and finishes that pair well with many different styles, you should seek out wood or darker metallics that are rich in color like copper. This should give you a good amount of flexibility when deciding what color of plants you want to use with them or what other decorations you want to feature nearby.

Copper flower boxes are absolutely beautiful and easy to incorporate into various styles of home design. The natural color is incomparable when you consider other types of metals that you could be using for your planters. The material also makes a great container for holding and decorating flowers. Copper flower boxes are beautiful, effective, and ultimately, a breath of fresh air. Just when everything starts to look the same, we could use a bit of a break. Let’s take some time to enjoy the beautiful, wide selection of different copper flower boxes available right now at hpotter.com. From your windows to your patio and your container garden, you can dress up your plants with copper planters.

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