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Pallets are a great option to transport goods to Malaysia. Wooden pallets can be used both domestically and internationally. There are two types of wood pallets: block or stringer. Depending on the project, we offer wooden pallet collars or wood press wood pallets.

When it comes to your Malaysian business, the right pallet is crucial. There are many options available for different sizes, weight capacities, and shapes of pallets. There are many options. There are many sizes to choose from, including those that conform with Euro and UK standards. There are two types: used and new wood pallets. These pallets have many benefits.

New Wooden Pallet

Malaysian customers have a new option: wooden pallets. You can have them customized to meet your specific needs if required. They are cheaper than old pallets, but have a higher quality. You should consider new pallets if you have specific storage or transport requirements.

It is essential to transport goods in a safe and efficient manner. The wooden pallets are a great choice. These pallets are durable and can withstand all weather conditions. The wooden pallets are an excellent storage option. The weight is distributed evenly.

Recycle Wooden Pallet

Wooden pallets made from recycled materials are usually 60 percent less expensive than their newer counterparts. Recycled wooden palettes can be bought at a fraction compared to newer alternatives. But this doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the same quality pallets. These pallets are excellent quality and have been thoroughly reconditioned. These pallets can make great investments.

For unique garden features, you can reuse old wooden pallets. You can also add shelving or seating to your backyard. To enhance your home, you can use wooden pallets in many different ways.

Heat Treatment ISPM15

ISPM 15 is an internationally recognized standard that specifies international standards for phytosanitary precautions. Hygiene regulations are required for all wooden pallets, new or used. The identification mark will be used to verify compliance with ISPM15. This will help you comply with ISPM15.

Heat treating pallets offers many benefits. It prevents and treats pesticide transfers during export. You also get weather resistance as well as enhanced sterilisation. Wood pallets have a higher risk of mould and bacteria growth than other wood products due to their moisture. The heat-treated pallets are treated with moisture to reduce the chances of mould and bacteria developing.

Wooden Pallet Sustainability

We are proud we can offer wooden pallets made from recycled wood. Wooden pallets have the ability to be recycled and reused multiplely, which reduces waste. You can also recycle pallets for new projects.

To protect the environment and enhance sustainability, we comply with regulations. We have implemented a quality control and environment management system in accordance with ISO 9001/2015 and ISO 14001/2015 standards. We have sold approximately 245,000 refurbished boxes made of wood, which we then put back into service for 2019.

Wooden Pallet Supplier Malaysia

For more information on our Wooden Pallet Price Malaysia options, please visit our products section. Be sure to select the right size pallet before you go to the checkout. To receive a quote for bulk orders, fill out our request for a quote. Wooden Pallet Malaysia can be reached at +60167795133 for more information.

Request a quote to learn more about our Wooden Pallet Johor Bahru pricing. Please fill out the form to send us your contact information. We will reply to you as soon possible with a custom price. We’re happy to help you choose the best wood pallet for you. We work with customers who have different budgets to help them find the right solution.

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