Balance Between Your Mind and Soul: 8 Yoga Poses To Help


30-Second Summary

  • Yoga is not only a form of physical exercise. It exists beyond that.
  • Yoga is a link between your physical health and mental health. Maintaining a balance between the two most important parts of your body is extremely necessary.
  • Yoga exists above physical exercises, and it reflects the mirror of spirituality over us
  • Yoga can help you lose weight more sustainably with simple poses that you need to adopt in your everyday lifestyle without much work.
  • Yoga could help you improve your metabolism and blood circulation and heals many health issues.


Yoga is the art of maintaining a balance between mind and body. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuk” which means to unite. Thus, making more sense why yoga is seen as a balance or a force to join the functioning of mind and body. However, this generation has reduced the effectiveness of yoga and ask and find it, making it limited to their need for weight loss. In fact, doing yoga is one of the best weight loss tips you will come across.

In the times of Instagram reels and short life, people don’t have the time to understand the complexity and beauty of yoga. However, this generation does appreciate aesthetics, and yoga is no different for them. This generation’s love for aesthetics has checked the box for yoga, too. More than the need to lose weight or any other form of mediation, many turn to yoga to fit and be in sync with their bodies.

Is Yoga Good For Weight Loss?

Now, it is an understatement what you can achieve with yoga if you do it properly and regularly. Yoga can help you understand what might be causing your weight gain. Once you know the problem, the quicker you identify the problem, the easier it is for you to get rid of those problems. Meditation is one of the most basic elements of yoga and can solve half of your problems that arise from stress or anxiety. It’s one of the most effective weight loss tips

Often, the stress you might be experiencing in your life can reflect on your health in various forms, such as sleep deprivation. It might lead to an increase in hormones, which might increase abdominal fat. 

In fact, studies suggest that stress can even lead to halting the secretion of the growth hormone. Stress can also force you to adopt other coping methods, such as stress eating. It is one of the seasons of majority weight gain problems in our generation. To cope with stress, we tend to look at other methods to deal with it, and often, stress eating looks like the correct answer to all our problems. Ignoring the consequences, we end up giving in to our desires.

However, if you adapt your lifestyle with meditation, it is likely for you to deal with the bigger problem that might cause your weight gain and approach a more sustainable solution.

Yoga and Calorie Burning

Based on several factors, yoga can help you burn a considerable number of calories if you follow specific yoga rules. Yoga can burn 180 two 420 calories, but it will also depend on the factor whether you are male or female. Many assume that you cannot burn calories simply by doing yoga. However, it isn’t entirely true because when you are in yoga class with your instructor and you are following all the proper steps, and doing challenging poses, then it is very likely for you to lose a considerable number of calories. 

Top Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

  1. Plank Pose (Chaturanga Dandasana) 
Plank Pose

You need to hold off your body in a plank position for a while. This pose will help you in strengthening your core.

  1. Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana)

With an intent to improve your balance, it is one of the most significant poses where you have to straighten one leg away from your body, bend your other leg from the knee, and maintain balance on the floor while folding your hands backward to your head.

  1. Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

This pose will help you get rid of fat deposited in the belly. You have to stand still on the floor, stretch your left leg away from your body, take the left hand, and try to touch your left leg while holding the right hand in the air.

  1. Shoulder Stand Pose (Sarvangasana)

This pose is famous for boosting metabolism and helping in balancing thyroid levels. You need to lie down on the floor. With the help of both your hands, try to raise your body in the air from your stomach. Remember to support your back with the help of your hands.

  1. Sun Salutation Pose (Surya namaskar) 
Sun Salutation

It is the best way to stretch each muscle of your body and would help you to increase your metabolism.

  1. Bridge pose (Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana)

Hold your legs with your hands and raise your middle body above in the air. You have to make a bridge between your legs and hands. It gives excellent results for weight loss.

  1. Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

It is one of the best ways to lose belly fat. It also helps with blood circulation. You have to lie down on the floor with your stomach as your base, make your stomach’s support, and raise your legs and hands in the air, holding them together, forming like a bridge in the air.

  1. The Twisted Chair Pose (Parivrtta Utkatasana)

This pose is yoga’s own version of squat and is equally effective. You have to form your body in the shape of a chair by bending your knees a bit. Turn from your waist to the opposite direction and join your hands together in the same direction.

How Can The Best Weight Loss Supplements Help?

As effective as yoga is, it is still a long and tedious process. Even though the self-realization journey and a chance to activate your inner calm can be rewarding, often we don’t have the time to commit, and in that case, your relationship with yoga would start feeling forced on you.

Lucky for you, yoga isn’t the only way to achieve your weight loss goal. There are other alternatives and weight loss tips as well. One such method to help you in your weight loss journey could be a supplement.

However, with multiple supplements on the market, it could be tedious to figure out which are the best weight loss supplements for you, but not to worry, we have got you covered. We have narrowed down this exhausting search for you.

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For instance, modere trim is a supplement that helps you access and achieves your weight loss goal. This one is a fat burner made of hydrolyzed collagen and CLA as its active ingredient. 

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Conclusion – The Top Tips To Get the Body You Desire

Where yoga can have its impact on a much deeper level, solving several health problems that might be the reason for your weight gain, you don’t need to commit to yoga if you find it time-consuming and don’t have a fit for it in your schedule. You can look for other methods, and that could be by opting for the best weight loss supplements in your diet. Then, you can witness sustainable and quick results.

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