YouTube is Doubling Down On its Video Moderation Policy


YouTube has been subject to much crossfire lately regarding its content and moderation practices and enforcement. The latest scandal revolved around a recent Logan Paul video, in which YouTuber showed footage of an autopsy.

Doubling Down On its Video Moderation Policy

It is no secret that the platform does not have automated moderation algorithms and may not actually be correct, which sometimes leads to cracks through adult, copyright or inappropriate content slip. However, most such cases are of very limited reach and cannot even measure with the backlash generated by Paul’s videos, as he is part of the YouTube Top 5% creators.

As you can imagine, the video platform takes this list and content seriously, as it is marketed directly to third parties as prime advertising real estate. Many of which have recently been drawing back some significant advertising money. In an effort to deal with this, YouTube will launch a new team of 10,000 employees to work with AI and manually the medium and approve each video in the Google Preferred Creator program.

While it may measure advertiser relationships in the short term, such a move could jeopardize the platform, further polarizing both its creators and users on growing issues of censorship, acceptable content, and demonetization.

In others, the notably lighter YouTube marketing News, the recent dissection of the latest YouTube Android application code, shows that the company is a social media platform making great progress on Dark, initially promising a final collapse. Most of the player UI is already finished and is inactive within the APK. Inspection also indicates that the dark theme will eventually go to the entire app interface, not just the video page and player.

YouTube Android App Dark Theme

This is probably very good news for most every OLED user due to power saving reasons. Not to mention, many people enjoy the enhanced thoughtful contrast that comes with a dark background and would appreciate a less eye-straining experience for nighttime video consumption regardless of display technique. Last, but not least, users can also look forward to more convenient swipe gestures to turn off YouTube ads. If you want to increase your branding on the Youtube platform. You should buy Youtube views and subscribers.

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