Zimperium Android iOS Azure 19khay: Safety of Smart Devices and our Future (Know more about Zimperium)


Zimperium is a company that provides the security to your mobile including iOS and Android. It is working for years in the market, and in this report we will read all the previous techniques used by Zimperium to avoid the attack on your mobile device.

Zimperium worked with multiple companies which are known for their security. Most of the security department of famous android or iOS devices is normally controlled by Zimperium. If you want to know more about Zimperium, keep reading the article till the end.

What is Zimperium?

Zimperium is a Private company whose main objective is to provide security to your smart devices such as mobile phones. The companies with greater will power use different techniques and software mechanics to control the security threats.

As, it is necessary to keep your devices secure, more complex security level must be applied. Zimperium provides one of the best security techniques to eliminate the risk. A lot of people think they can access Zimperium over Play Store or App Store. But Zimperium is a company that deals with the project at product level. It works with the companies in more certain products than Play Store Application.

History of Zimperium?

Zimperium was established 12 years ago, when Computer Science was evolving by leap and bound. Similarly, the viruses and attacks were entering to their next phase. Although first Virus attack was performed in 1990s, but until the establishment of Zimperium. There was still an empty space to cover by stopping cyber-attacks.

That is the reason, Zimperium was established 12 years ago and the different renowned companies partnered with Zimperium to establish their security business. The best example of Zimperium is Blackberry security. Blackberry is considered the one of the finest and best security systems in a mobile. It was all due to Zimperium.

Why do I need Mobile Security?

Mobile Security is the basic fundamental, your personal data will not be remained confidential. Somebody access your mobile phone and steal or corrupt all the business file you were going to present in the meeting room. Or you prepared a business plan and it was stolen by someone via your Mobile phone.

Or somebody get your mobiles location that could also be dangerous for you. Mobile has all the important data of your life. I we get a little more advanced, our data is stored in the cloud which is accessible via your mobile phone. Which means, you can perform any task while others will not notice a single movement. That is the reason one of the biggest teams are dealing with the security department of a software.

How to Identify if my phone is being Hacked or Not?

You can check the access of your data, or setting changed that will help you to understand if your phone is hacked or not. It might be possible, that some of your data got corrupted due to attack, so it would be a clear symbol, that your phone is hacked or used by someone else.

Hacking is not the only problem or attack to phone. The physical access of your friend or any colleague could be dangerous, if you do not take precautionary measure. Which includes password, finger print sensor, etc. So, if you want to keep your system and mobile safe, try to use password at mobile login and application login.

Is Zimperium Safe to Use?

Yes, Zimperium is the safest system to keep your mobile and its data from unauthorized access. Zimperium is one of the best solution for modern security. A lot of people still thinks, that Zimperium is not safe to use, maybe it steal your information and sell it for personal purpose.

The concern is valid, because most of the companies in the market are doing this and selling our data for personal use. I am very happy you asked this question, but Zimperium system is one of the best. The prime example is Black Berry. It is considered one of the most secured mobile phones due to Zimperium.

Which companies are partnered with Zimperium?

Zimperium was established almost a decade ago. In the meantime, it did partnered with a lot of companies and established their best security systems to keep the mobile secured from newly generated viruses.

You might notice, that every application is restricted as it cannot access your camera, storage, gallery or other application. You have to provide the permission in order to perform any action. This is due to more secured system. The following are the companies that partnered with Zimperium:

  • Samsung
  • Telstra
  • Sierra Ventures
  • SoftBank
  • Warburg pincus
  • Softbank Group
  • Deutshe Telekom
  • Telstra
  • SmarTone
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Trellix
  • SentinerOne
  • Ivanti


Zimperium is global mobile security application which was established in 2010 by two member and the current CEO is Shridar Mittal. It was partnered up with several renowned mobile applications including Blackberry, Samsun, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the frequently asked question by the viewers.

Who are the founders of Zimperium?

The company was founded by Itzhak Avraham and Elia Yehuda almost 12 years ago in the United States of America.

Is Zimperium a Private Company?

Yes, Zimperium is a private company that is completely organized by the organization. Its CEO is Shridhar Mittal, which is a key member of Zimperium. All the decisions are based on the point of view of Shridhar Mittal.

When Zimperium did was founded?

Zimperium was founded in 2010 by Itzhak Avraham and Elia Yehuda. It was early managed by a small team, but later on, their team and work was increased gradually.

How Does Zimperium Mobile Virus Prevention Works?

Zimperium perform repeating tests and attack on your device to make it strong against the real attacks. It uses the basic concept of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Where is the Head Quarter of Zimperium?

The head quarter of Zimperium is in Dallas, United States of America.

Website Link to Zimperium

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