Are you also facing the slow speed of internet? If you are nodding is yes. We are here with the top 6 exclusive tips by which you can boost the WiFi router signal. So, read this article carefully,

First, Check All Cable Connection

Before blaming to the WiFi, firstly you must check the cable connection which performs as it should. However, If the router does not perform well as it should then connect your computer to router with the help of an ethernet cable. If your computer and laptop don’t have an ethernet port then you will need a USB for an ethernet adaptor.

In addition, you want to check the speed of internet then take a speed test of your router. If speed of the router doesn’t vary with the internet bill then you can call to your ISP i.e., Internet Service Provider to change your router with a new one.

Whether you see the speed of internet is extremely slow, then it may take time to prepare a better plan. If you get good speed when you stand near to the router but, you dont get the speed away from it, then you can’t blame your wifi coverage because router has its range. When you stand near the router but the speed of the internet remains slow then you must have to update your router. Also check the process through ap.setup method.

Update Firmware Of Router

Prior you starting any changes, it is a good idea to update the firmware. The manufacturers of routers also improve that the software always gives the best speed of the network. The upgrade of the Router still depends on your device’s manufacturer and model. We have a few steps to update the firmware of the router

  • Connect your router to the computer with the help of an ethernet cable.
  • Open any type of web browser on your mobile phone just like as safari, firefox, etc
  • Just take an example, if you have a wavlink router, then you can visit wifi.wavlink.com
  • Fill in the model number and product name.
  • The latest version of firmware you can see on your screen. Pick any one from them and go for download. 
  • As a result, after this, you get the best signal from your router

Get Halfway Location For Your Router

  • Locate your wifi router in an open place i.e., away from the walls and obstructions to prevent overheating.
  • Place your router in the halfway location of your house with a help of a router. With the help of this, you can get the signal in every direction of your house.
  • If you destroy even one wall between your router workspace and router with the help of this you can boost up the speed of your wifi.
  • If your router has an external antenna then take it up in the horizontal or vertical direction which gives the signal in every direction.

Change Frequency of Router Band

Change your 2.4GHz band to 5GHz to get the best out of the router. You must ensure that you can only do this process when you are having a dual-band WiFi router. The 5GHz band doesn’t only provide a fast speed but it also has less interference from other wireless connections. If your router doesn’t give you a choice to use the same SSID then just give it to another name like-smith house 5GHz and try to connect them by hand operating whenever it is possible. Follow the steps to configure the Wavlink extender via

Change The Antenna of the Router

If you are still facing an issue with the slow speed of internet then you can add an extra antenna to you your router which sends the signal in all directions. With the help of an extra antenna, you will get the best signal strength. You must check your manufacturer’s website to buy the best antenna for your router.

Go For New Range Extender

If you have done all the tips mentioned above but you are still facing an issue then it is the last option to place your extender closest to the router. Both router and extender dont be placed far away more than 20 feet because the extender catches the signal from the router sent to your laptop, computer, or mobile phone.  If you dont know how to set up an extender, then you must go on the wavlink extender setup portal for the setup of your extender 

Final Words

After implementing these top 6 exclusive tips to boost your WiFi signal, we can hope you improve the speed or signal strength of your router. Give your feedback in the given below comment box section after read this article. Stay tuned for much more updates.