When it comes to giving gifts to babies on their 1st birthday, there are lots of delightful things which come to our mind.

However, when you take time and choose the gift that is functional for the baby as well as the parents, they will actually be grateful to you for your kindness and your gift. 

Online shopping is the latest trend these days, where a consumer can viably select the item of his choice and purchase it from an online portal and get it delivered to the doorstep. Below are a few gift ideas for 1st birthday that are most of the time admired by new parents…

Baby clothes and accessories

It is a matter of fact worth mentioning that the concept of baby/kids fashion is gaining recognition with the gradual passage of time. 

The key to opting for the best fashion trend for kids is opting for the right materials that are most comfortable for them. Fabrics hold true significance as far as the quality of clothing sets are concerned for newborn and toddlers. 

Opting for the best fabrics ensures that the clothes can always withstand wear and tear. Specific details in the accessory and apparel can also go a long distance in imparting the perfect appeal. Hence, taking into all the necessary details that relates to matching and mixing must be an absolute necessity as far as kids fashion is concerned.

It is also necessary to avoid monotonous colors while choosing clothes for newborns. Keep in mind that all the styles and clothing must not fall under the same family so as to impart a perfect appearance. You can always expect to make a perfect style statement by mixing the colors and styles in an appropriate and judicious manner.

Feeding bibs, bottles, and other baby dishes

Baby feeding supplies like baby bottles, formula, baby dishes, etc. are some of the best practical gifts for babies, especially when they are 1 year old.

In addition to all these most functional items, you can also prepare a gift basket for them which includes items like baby pacifiers, wholesale silicone teethers, soothing aids, and other baby toys.

The gift basket for a 1-year-old child can also include a medical kit that contains items like a thermometer, dropper, nasal aspirator, rash cream, custom silicone cups, etc.

When you are buying all these items as a gift make sure that it comes from a popular brand and is completely safe to use for babies. There may be certain non-branded and cheaper products available in the market and these should be avoided at any cost.

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