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DIY Paint Buying Direction

The house painting is really not an easy achievement. While you can be tempted to buy the cheapest type of paint that you can find, just always remember that you wanted the paint to last as much as possible, a long time and not just to look it good at your house. If you still have not selected the color palette, then, there are a total of apartment design applications out there that will spark inspiration. Once you have decided upon what color scheme, you will have to select what type of paint that you want.

Estimate the paint needs

Paints can be very costly and so buying that much paint can be particularly frustrating since the paint stores will not surely refund an already colored gallon of paint. That is why it is suggested to initially first buy about 80% only of the calculated paint that you need and you can then purchase the other remaining paint need when you are near to being finished. Factors like the quality of paint, square footage, and the surface type will be all play to how much paint you will really need. The paint stores will not be able to give help or advice to determine how much paint you should buy for a particular job. If you are not really that sure about how much paint that you really need to buy, ask the painter or a very helpful salesperson for some advice.

Here are some paint selections:

  • Latex paint – the latex paint pertains to the water-based paint, this is famous of all and the most environmentally friendly paint. Because latex paints provide the best color retention, they are the best for the exterior walls that face so many weathering. The latex paints are a good option also for the interior walls which are subjected to so many moistures like the laundry rooms and the bathrooms. Additionally, latex paints dry faster than the oil-based options and are producing fewer odors.
  • Oil-based paint – it contains either the natural oils or the synthetic alkylate, the oil-based paints had been more durable than the latex paints. The oil-based paints must be used on the surfaces where you wanted the final touch to last at a longer time. While the type of paint had the tougher odor and it even takes a long time to dry, the durability is really unreachable. The vigor of the oil-based house painting will make them the best choice of trims and moldings.
  • Paint luster – from the dull to the shiny finishes, the paint comes in some more different luster. The paint’s luster relies on the mixture of pigment, added ingredients, and the resin. If you are struggling with your decision with what kind of finish that you want, and take note that the glossier finishes seemed to be more resilient and are washable. On the other hand, the flat paint is best at hiding imperfections of surfaces. Eggshell lusters and pearls fall somewhere midway, as they are even more washable than the flat paint and are partially hiding irregularities.

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