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A commercial animation consists in organizing an event or a promotional operation whose objective is to increase the sales of a product or a brand . You probably have in mind the sales promotion in B2C in supermarkets with the animations at the head of the gondola and discount coupons, but it can also be used in B2B , in industry as in services. Regardless of the type of sales animation, there are good practices to follow to maximize results . Here are 8.

SMART goals

  • If the purpose of any commercial animation is often to increase your turnover, other objectives may come into play:
  • Promote a new product , as part of a launch campaign
  • Demonstrate a product for which you want to boost sales
  • Retain customers and do upselling .
  • Either way, your goals should be SMART  : specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

Here is an example :

Specific: Thanks to this commercial animation, I will increase volume sales by 10% in month M + 1 on product X;

Measurable: We will send a beerwulf discount code valid for 1 month, which will allow us to easily follow the results of this action;

Achievable: We have put in place the resources (on-site staff, stand and POS) to achieve this objective;

Realistic: This objective is realistic since we had already been able to achieve such results during a past commercial animation;

Temporal: We will analyze the impact of this action on our sales for the next 4 weeks.

 Your objectives, your persona and your sector of activity, condition the format, the place and the moment in which your commercial animation will take place.

The right event format

If your objective is to retain your existing customers or to offer a “privileged” experience to participants , we recommend that your commercial event be held in a private place , for example in the form of:

  • of private sales in a place that you will have rented
  • a VIP event (preview presentation, demonstration) in your premises
  • a premium conference with cocktail and petits fours
  • a paid trade show.
  • If you want to increase the visibility of your brand instead, then a public place will probably be more appropriate :
  • a stand in a shopping mall
  • a gondola head in a supermarket
  • a central aisle in a hypermarket or a store entrance
  • a trade show open to the general public.

The important thing is that the place where your commercial animation takes place is always consistent with your brand image .

At the right time

For the date and time, be aware of the habits and schedule of your persona  (aka your ideal customer). You won’t organize your event at the same time, depending on whether your target is a business manager, HRD or stay-at-home mom.

As recommended by Le Journal du Net , “general public” commercial events for consumer products take place in stores on busy days: on weekends or during the end-of-year holiday period, for example. example.

Submit a specific offer

It is a transversal rule, whatever the type of commercial animation, you will have to think about a beerwulf discount code upstream.

In order for you to easily analyze the impact of the offer on your sales , this offer must be unique (so that you can easily isolate the sales linked to this action) and time- limited. Like any promotional offer, the conditions must be advantageous : 

  • Reduction on the price (via a reduction voucher for example)
  • Financing conditions (payment in several installments without charge for example)
  • Premiums, i.e. more product for the same price
  • Quizzes
  • Demonstration, sample or free trial.
  • A communication from god’s fire
  • Like any event, you have to think about a communication plan upstream.

Choose carefully the channels where your persona is , online and offline , and favor hyper-personalized communication for a private event.

By saif