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Today is the era of the internet of things and everything is online. Although there are still many educational and learning-oriented TV shows running, I have seen many as I am a subscriber of Spectrum TV packages, internet plan and many other Spectrum offers, but many people are turning to eLearning and online educational tools. With an internet connection, teachers can use recent technologies to enhance the overall experience of students in a classroom. As a teacher, you should use the following techniques to enhance the learning experience in your classroom. Continue below to read about how you can do that!

Learning Through Gaming

Games can aid a lot in enhancing many skills of students. Take the example of typing. Typing games can enable kids to become better at their use of the keyboard. In today’s era, many industries are shifting to paperless environments and, therefore, it is wise to introduce children to keyboards and typing at a young age. Furthermore, games aimed at learning can also greatly enhance children’s aptitude. Puzzle games and the desire to finish first enhance the focus and determination of children. These values and skills play a greater role in their practical lives!

Online Trips to Parks and Monuments

It is not always possible for teachers to show everything to their children by bringing it to the classroom. Well, in case you can’t “show and tell” to teach, the solution is quite simple. Use a monitor to give them virtual tours of historical monuments, parks, and recreational spots. You can also show them useful documentaries to enhance their general knowledge. Take them on a virtual tour of the Great Pyramids or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon! All you have to do is connect to the internet and play relevant media!

Social Media Integration

You can also use social media to boost the learning experience of pupils in the class. Many teachers are now using Facebook groups to promote healthy learning in their children. For example, by using such groups, you can easily create polls, start a discussion, or check the status of an assignment. Also, create relevant hashtags for certain topics to further pique the interests of pupils! Let your students ask questions freely!

Feedback Through Surveys

Online surveys and polls come in very handy. By creating them, you can have a look at the general feedback of your students. You can also use social media and hashtags.

Promotion of Online Tools

If you’re a teacher, you can use technology to instill a sense of creativity in your students. The idea is to encourage them in using technology to express themselves. In this way, not only will they become tech-savvy, but they will also become more apt at using certain software and apps. Make your students utilize blogs, podcasts, videos, and eBooks, to express themselves. As a result, many hidden talents of your students will surface!

Organize with Google Calendar

Use a calendar such as a Google Calendar so that your students know about the important dates and pending tasks. Make sure to include lecture timings on this calendar as well. You can also add any important update for a pending assignment. Make sure to mention any upcoming holidays as well. As a result, children can become more organized and you can also plan their lectures accordingly. Provide access to such calendars to parents as well so they know what their child is doing on a certain day.

Check Websites

Digital transformation has transformed everything. We even shop online now, thanks to the recent tech disruption. Most of the information and data that we get is from the internet and websites. It is important for teachers to educate their students about various factors to check the reliability of the websites that they are visiting. We are often told that such and such website is unreliable. However, we never get a reason to understand why such is the case. Teach your students the particular tools they can use to test the reliability of any website!

Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia lessons especially in the form of presentations allow students to learn with ease and comfort. Use images and sound to enhance their learning experience. You can also invite a guest speaker via Skype or Google Meet to further pique the interest of your pupils!

Online Activities at End of Day

For students who are quick in learning and often end up finishing their day’s work ahead of others, you should engage them with online activities. Make sure to assign them a video or allow them to play a learning game. In this way, you can ensure all their time is spent on learning only!

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