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Social Media Marketing for artists. Social media marketing for artists is always a challenge because the combination of art/marketing often refers to distant worlds. For some years, the art world has kept away from that of social media: a Facebook page did not seem, to most, the right place to post the result of their artistic process. Over time, however, it has begun to be understood that social media, if used correctly, are beneficial channels for the artist. The possibility is to reach thousands and thousands of people with their works, with an investment – of time – all in all marginal.

For those who want to make their art known and want to increase the chances of selling their works, we have decided to write this social media marketing guide for artists who have these goals. It is now known that not being on the main social networks is practically equivalent to not existing. One might think that this is not valid for artists, but the opposite is true. Research published by Artsy tells us that 52% of people who own an art collection say they have bought at least one work from known artists on Instagram. More: 30% of them admitted having purchased at least one piece seen for the first time on this social network of cool drawing ideas.

Social media marketing for artists: it’s time to get started

Being with your easel and brushes in an elite garden surrounded by tall hedges and disconnected from the outside world can be a fascinating idea, but it will not help you make your works known. Social networks, on the other hand, offer precisely this opportunity. But what does “Social Media Marketing” mean? This term means all the actions of promotion and dissemination of our work and our works through social platforms, i.e., social networks.

We know that many artists, especially in old age, have some aversion to this world. They find it lacking in value, complicated and chaotic. It is a legitimate and acceptable position, and in fact, we do not want to force you to use social networks. We want to make you understand the possibilities that exist and allow you to know how this world works. The decision of whether or not to do them will then be yours! Let’s start. Come on: learn the basics of social media marketing for artists, and broaden your audience!

Social media marketing for artists: It’s an ART

Social Media Marketing for artists

First of all, of course, you need to choose the platforms on which to move. The possibilities are many, and here is the first hitch: you can’t waste time managing a dozen different social media, perhaps in a distracted and hasty way! Much better to start with one or two social networks, perfectly understand the rules, trends, and tricks, and only then, when you have the situation completely under control on those channels, possibly add another platform. But where to start? Here are some hypotheses, with their respective strengths.


Why choose Instagram? For the very nature of this social media, created to publish images, for the number of daily users, for its ‘artistic’ vocation. Without a shadow of a doubt, Instagram is the social media of choice for artists and must therefore be considered the first choice within a social media marketing strategy for artists. And research such as the one conducted by Artsy fully demonstrates the effectiveness of Instagram to promote and therefore sell their works!


It’s hard not to consider Facebook, social media with the highest number of active users. Over time, the average age of Facebook users is moving more and more towards 35 to 60 and more. On Facebook, many groups of painters and enthusiasts share advice and photos of works in various techniques with each other. Furthermore, Facebook can be an excellent way to promote your courses, exhibitions, and activities. However, from a “visual” point of view, we believe that it has less impact than Instagram and, therefore, is less suitable for directly promoting the works.


The visual aspect, the predisposition for photos and image galleries, and the possibility of integrating various accounts make Pinterest an excellent choice for artists. On the other hand, it is a more complex social network to understand, as it can seem more confusing. However, it offers various strategies and possibilities to make yourself known. What is very often done is to use the photos published on Pinterest to redirect interested parties to Facebook, Instagram, or our website.

Specialized platforms

In addition to the classic names we now know by heart, there are also specialized platforms for artists. They were created specifically to connect the demand, those looking for new works of art, the buyers, with the offer, that is, the artists who put them up for sale.

· UbqArt: with UbqArt, we leave generalist social media behind and enter the field of social media dedicated exclusively to the art world, which is therefore proposed as a privileged meeting place between artists and potential customers. The public here is, needless to say, less significant but potentially more interested.

· Dantebus: Another ‘specialist’ social network, Dantebus is dedicated to art in its broadest meaning. Here are, therefore, poets, writers, cartoonists, painters, and photographers.

· Gigarte: On Gigarte, you can create your personalized page and showcase your works, along with those of many other artists. In addition to this, you will find information on events, competitions, and prizes.

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