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Internet is the primary source of news even for news channels. This is how they have always communicated with news agencies and their representatives across the world. Whether it was email or now WhatsApp etc. – the internet has been the fastest tool of communication since its inception. The difference is, now the masses have it at their disposal. Most of the audience that watched TV news or stayed informed through newspapers now cannot wait for that long to stay updated. 

News apps, news notifications in our smartphones, direct emails from news agencies, and news circulating online on our newsfeed or trend. There is no way to avoid news today. They are everywhere that makes conventional means of information less relevant and the internet the best source of news. But let’s find out what are the factors and pros and cons when we rely on the internet for news. 

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Are websites the best source of news? 

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According to an estimate, over 1.7 billion websites are there on the internet. These websites allow internet users to interact with the website owners and the entire community. These websites fall into multiple niches. When considering the news websites, they enjoy a lot of sharing daily. The time has now gone when newspapers were the best option to stay in touch with the news. Today, every news-providing company has created its website to help the customers stay aware of what is happening around the globe. 

But that’s not the latest update, every news company has its app, live stream, notification, and social media platform that keeps all of its followers updated 24×7. 

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Online News: Advantages and Disadvantages

We always say that technology has both advantages and disadvantages. The sources are usually any internet user, which is why people don’t trust online news unless they confirm it through a newspaper or a TV channel. In this modern age, traditional journalism still has more importance because journalists are experts and have a lot of experience. On the other hand, expert journalists do not publish news on digital media; but anyone can share the news there. 

Online news has the advantage as you can hear and watch the news. In case of a newspaper, there is only text with a few images. Online news displays its content with text, audio, videos, and images. It lets the views understand the news by going into its depth. However, we still recommend reading the news from the journalists, as they are the experts and will give the most accurate information. 

Online news, A Perfect Choice? 

Most of you might prefer listening to the news on TV channels or reading online news or staying informed through social media trends. However, we recommend online news as we think it is the best option to stay updated with what is happening around you. To watch the news on TV, you have to stay tuned at a particular time. If your TV is switched off, you will never know if any breaking news is there. 

On the other hand, online news through websites and social media platforms keep you updated through notifications. Whenever anything happens in the world, you will be notified on your laptop or smartphone. You can check out the news by clicking on that notification and read it if you think it excites you. This is the reason we think that online news is the perfect choice for news lovers. 

Conclusive Notes

Internet-based news is the best source of news because they are instantly available and in every internet user’s access. This reduces the wait time that we traditionally have to face while following any news channel or newspaper. Also, you can go back anytime and read or watch the news online instead of waiting for notification – that makes it self-paced as well. However, the source of news could be anyone who is misinforming the masses unless you ensure it is coming from an authentic source. Celebrities and governments also now announce and coordinate with public through internet. 

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