What is the purpose of aluminum cups?


In the 2020 Super Bowl, we came across something new, something that can change the environmental impact that we are part of either directly or indirectly. Can you guess what I am talking about? Well, it’s aluminum Ball cups. 

The aluminum cups has become the game-changing product that can create the positive impact we all are looking for. People can successfully replace plastic cups with aluminum ones, and this means an overall reduction in plastic usage. Over the years, polyethene has proved to be a real problem for the environment on earth. With the rapid increase in the overall temperature of the earth due to greenhouse gases, we have to be very careful about carbon emissions. So we cannot just randomly burn things out of nowhere to get rid of indisposable stuff. Moreover, the ice of the two poles are also randomly melting from the rapid development or increase in temperature is cause these meltdowns. 

Because of global warming, plastics cannot be burnt, and that leaves us with two options either to recycle them or to dump them. But both the options have their own complexities, if we take recycling into consideration, the recycling process is both extensively time consuming, and the quality of the product decreases with every recycling. Therefore, after the recycling process, you will be able to use the material to manufacture the same product because of the lesser quality of the material itself.

Now, on the other hand, dumping plastics has also created a lot of problems. Specifically, sea creatures are getting in trouble because plastics are mostly being found on seas and oceans. There are many instances where sea birds ate plastics, and sea creatures have strangled to death because of plastics. Although plastics are being used to fill lands, still it is not enough. Moreover, unlike other organic or inorganic substances, plastics do not decompose easily. It takes a minimum of 500 -1000 years before a piece of plastic gets fully decomposed. Not to mention the effect it brings on the soil and underground water of the place. 

The impact of plastics in our environment, especially single-use plastics, can be visualized by all these instances. But will aluminum cups, all of such complicated circumstances can be easily avoided. If we start using aluminum cups instead of plastic ones and encourage others to do the same, we can reduce plastic pollution significantly. 

Aluminum is the solution to all of your problems, and if we can use the aluminum cups the same way single-use plastics cups have been used and is continuing to do so in different events, gatherings, festivals and stadiums, we can reduce the waste a lot.

Aluminum cups gives more sustainability and productivity than single-use plastic cups. You can wash it and reutilize it multiple times and but the glass will not be affected at all. You can reuse it for multiple occasions after washing the aluminum cups. And when you don’t want to use the cups anymore, you can simply send them for recycling. These aluminum cups will fulfil their intended purpose

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