Digital Trends of 2021


As a new year looms just around the corner, there are many new developments and trends to anticipate, and some of the most exciting –or at least, the most influential are taking place in the digital realm. While predicting next year’s digital trends are far from being an exact science.

The following items are sure to pop up on your digital radar in the new year

  • Cloud Computing
  • 3D Technology
  • Single -Login Services
  • Mobile Sites and Commerce
  • Streamlining Online/Internet Privacy

The use of 3D technology for home entertainment systems has been under speculation for quite some time, but enthusiasts hint at some significant developments and opportunities in 2021. As many of the past year’s blockbuster movies have featured 3D capabilities, the public is warming up to this exciting technology’s potential. Television producers are already looking at the possibilities for home-based units that capture the unique 3D experience.

Another growing trend that’s likely to skyrocket in 2021 is cloud computing, referred to as SaaS, or Software as a Service. With providers like Google Docs and other big names rolling out useful developments and with the increase in modular services for tasks that range from accounting to project management and beyond, a growing number of companies are switching to ‘net based’ productivity and business software. Look for more competitive pricing and greater mobile integration for cloud computing in the coming year.

Speaking of the realm of all things mobile, mobile sites and the elusive promise of mobile commerce is set to yield some great things in 2021. Sure, 200 has made plenty of iPhone lovers and other gadget fans happy with useful app developments, but genuinely harnessing the power of mobility for global commerce has yet to take off. In 2021, expect easier shopping, mobile banking, and other related services on phones and mobile devices –and if you’re running a business, get ready to take advantage of this hot trend. .Com Marketing can help your company launch a new mobile site for 2021.

Many of the best-loved digital developments in recent years have won fans through their ability to make the digital world more comfortable to navigate and use. In 2021, the domination of single-login services was likely to continue the trend. While operations like OpenID have already been gaining considerable support, it’s time for more competitors to step forward and for online services to integrate their login systems with single vital providers.

Keeping things simple and easy shouldn’t sacrifice matters of security; however, 2021′s public will be especially aware of the importance of maintaining privacy online. Streamlining privacy policies and data handling is sure to be a significant digital trend in the new year, as substantial services and small sites alike take a lesson from Facebook’s privacy faux pas and offer users a better sense of protection.

From better policies to better products, there are many exciting developments in store for tech users in the coming year. Whether 2021 showers consumers with fun new digital toys or enhances professionals’ work with useful tools, there is bound to be something for everyone once the top digital trends of the year get into full gear.

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