Who doesn’t love wearing branded clothes and taking branded products along? But what restricts one from buying from branded products only is the price. When you look at the price tag, you feel, “why don’t earn that much!”. 

But now you can bag what your heart pounds for! It is not possible for a teenager or a middle-class working person to afford high-end branded products. But why should they long for something their heart desires? Hence, some high-end legal companies are there that bring first copy versions of these branded products. 

Now, what is a first copy product? 

First copies are neat and clean copies of the exact product from a high-end brand. If you are not brand enthusiastic or do not have proper knowledge of branded products, you cannot distinguish between these two products lying in front of you. 

First copies are exact copies of the product with all the detailing possible. Sometimes they have to compromise with the quality of the product. Normally, you cannot expect original Italian leather in a first-copy handbag! 

Why will I buy one? 

Some companies are there that bring exact copies. These companies are available on social media platforms. Instagram is such a platform where you will get amazing small house brands that make exact first copies of high-end pricey branded products. A school-goer who probably works at a food joint cannot afford a pricey handbag from a high-end brand. 

First copy handbags online in India are the best way to grab their favorite bags. You need to search the profiles thoroughly, and you can also place a request there. They will surely bring your favorite bag soon. 

Is this legal to sell first copies? 

Yes, it is absolutely legal in India and in most of the countries out there. You can sell from your private social media accounts, e-commerce sites, and anywhere you will find potential buyers. The first thing you need to maintain is clarity. You have to clearly tell them that this is a ‘first copy’ product. Do not fool buyers by selling first-copy products in the name of original ones. When you want to sell these products over e-commerce sites, you have to maintain their terms and conditions. These sites have separate rules and regulations available for the sellers. If you follow those rules, you can surely sell your products over there. 

Is it right to buy first-copy products? 

Why not! First of all, this is absolutely legal in India. If you love branded bags, you know how difficult it is to buy one! You can buy one at affordable rates. Another thing, the seller is not fooling you! 

You know you are not buying an original product, yet you can fulfill your dreams. This is the best part of buying first-copy products from good sellers. Please go through the reputation of the online store before buying from them. Some are well-known stores. Find one well-known store and buy from them. 

By saif