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If you own a brand if you look to have a partnership with an influencer, then what do you look at? Do you always look at the number of followers or subscribers they have? Do you look to target influencers of a specific niche? Or do you just randomly make the selection?

Still wondering, how to find twitter influencers in your industry? The best way to choose influencer is to analyze the niche influencer categories and then align the same with your brand. Now, let us understand what are niches? By definition, the niche is a segment that defines the unique needs and preferences of your business. You should be very clear about the way brands fall into niches and various categories.

Make a list of your niche because every industry has many niches and sub-niches and you should be aware where your brand fits the best. You should also be aware of your demographics where you are aspiring to spread your brand message and places where you are looking to target customers. Once you are clear with the understanding, influencers perfectly fall in place.

To quote just a few examples of niche influencers, Zunera Serena is one of the highly rated fashion influencer in Washington. Over the years in her career, she has achieved tremendous credibility and recognition as a fashion blogger who enthuses feminist freedom while promoting the latest fashion trends in her unique ways. This is a niche influencer category doing wonders in the digital marketing ecosystem. Focusing on the same lines, you can look at fitness influencers to market your vegan sports bar or fitness chocolates rather than targeting food influencers. Then there are beauty influencers who have redefined the standards of the cosmetic industry.

The concept goes clear that you have to be very aware of your own brand’s niche and then get to choose.

Another concern that creeps into every mind is whether you have the target influencer for your respective niche. There is much beyond than you can think when it comes to niche influencer categories. There are many such niches that many of you may not be aware of. There are unique influencer niches that you never knew existed. Some of them include:

  • Kids Influencers: Yes, kids’ influencers sound interesting wondering that what a kid influencer can do with brands. Talking with transparency and supported facts it is true that kids’ influencers do wonders in their jobs for families seeking kids’ garments, accessories, and other essentials.
  • Military Influencers: There are military influencers because of the increasing trust of civilians on military people especially in America. They have their own set of interests and passion transcending their stereotype character. Military influencers outspread the message of charity and work smartly and tactfully on social media platforms.
  • Education Influencers: This is one of the most promising and growing niches but hardly a few knew that it existed. These work as influencers to spread the message of learning through various forms of content like picture books, graphic learning, color-blocked classrooms, storytelling sessions, and practice sessions. Teachers’ bloggers on Instagram are the most popular form of being an educator influencer.
  • Western Influencers: Western influencer as the niche sounds vague and maybe something that is under-rated or under-positioned. However, the niche category works best when looking for western-style landscapes, western photography, western traditional outfits, or anything else that defines the culture, tradition, and uniqueness of the western regions.
  • Medical Industry Influencers: You must have never thought that even an industry like healthcare or medical would ever need a marketing strategy. Since ages, healthcare has always been a very simple form of service where health is always put to place whenever required. However, with time, even this concept has changed not because of the growing healthcare problems but because of the ever-increasing number of healthcare service providers competing with each other to catch hold of maximum patients. These days many doctors are using the YouTube channel to market their services, many hospitals are approaching influencers to promote their brands and even medical tourism companies who are catching hold of social media channels for marketing and branding.
  • Senior Influencers: After talking about kids’ influencers, senior influencers have also marked their own uniqueness and essence in the niche influencer categories. Kids influencers target the families of kids but senior influencers are the target to follow for all; teenage, young, and old. This is because customers put an eye on their years of experience in real life to catch hold of trends. The best part is that senior influencers are well-adapted to technology and social media channels with a keenness to promote brands and spread messages. These have the power to help brands jump into higher visibility and improved credibility as they are living their retirement years.

With all these influencers, there are other similar niches that many of us don’t even know they exist and many don’t consider. Nevertheless, the fact is that these niche categories stay prominent and growing with new verticals of business keep coming into the picture. All through the working, you as a brand have to connect with influencers in such a manner that the connection keeps improving while helping brands take a higher leap in their operations and helping influencers get deeper into their base. That’s the beauty of having connected to influencers.

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