Merchants, shopkeepers, and web surfers come to Mecca every year: the expected paradise is a holiday called Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Online and offline shopping season changes business profits during the Christmas season.

Black Friday 2020: date and when the best deals start

Or historically the busiest day of the year – Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, Thursday and the following Monday after Thanksgiving. These two days are the biggest hits in the pockets of retailers around the world, the biggest shopping bags.

Black Friday is so called because brick and mortar sellers often turn useless or “red” to black. Cyber ​​Monday, Black Friday Industrial Transportation was recently named in the 21st century as most hungry virtual vendors have proven that they can go to stores, create stores in their convenient offices and start online businesses. Can black Also, most vacationers come to work on Mondays, but companies prefer to take more breaks when shopping online pressure washer black friday discounts.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday have been identified as the most important weekends for e-commerce websites, the biggest online spending day of the year in recent years. Some say that Cyber ​​Monday is not as cheap as Black Friday, and some say that Black Friday should be Green Friday. But the evidence is in hundreds of virtual cash registers.

In fact, according to WorkScore, e-commerce company Cyber ​​Monday 2006 was a record-breaking online store day. Cyber ​​enthusiasts spent 48 485 million on Cyber ​​Monday in 2006. In addition, WorkScore Networks reported that Black Friday’s revenue last year was close to 4 430 million.

The e-card season will be successful in other online markets as well. As holidaymakers prepare, American Christmas offers an easy reminder service for sending electronic cards. Customers can customize the service and confirm delivery dates. When other cyber Monday activities face this challenge, users can take multi-passing and organizations to a whole new level.

Online sellers typically raise vendors’ expectations by offering exclusive ads at this crucial time of the day. Online and offline shoppers can expect real-time discounts, free shipping, “door-to-door” sales and incentive rewards. Growing herd, many shopkeepers are not announcing their features until special Black Friday ads appear in Thanksgiving newspapers and online mailing lists.

Sales trends show that many people are committed to a real Thanksgiving holiday as well as a holiday shop. The potential for revenue generation, brand awareness and holiday sales is endless. At least 40% of seniors report that all holiday shops are due this year, which adds to the revenue increase in 2007. According to Forsy, an online customer satisfaction and measurement company, online sellers can do two things to ensure the success of this cyber season:

1. Managing and meeting customer expectations. Follow the online discount and free or discounted purchase options. A 2006 Forsyth survey found that consumers were disappointed with free shipping or unexpected discounts last year. Research shows that the real source of dissatisfaction is the cost of operation, not the cost of production.

2. Discover the impact of your website on multi-channel operations, ie your website’s brand and gross profit, not just for the holidays, but for overall sales.

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