Read these facts before planning for Gay surrogacy in Kenya

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 756 total views Due to cheap surrogacy plans and medical services, Kenya always stands as the most preferred choice for most of the child seeking couples around the world. Still, when it comes to same sex parenting or Gay surrogacy, the couples may find certain issues and barriers here. Kenya is a homophobic country that keeps an ominous perspective towards Gay Surrogacy. Hence, if you are a gay couple that is planning to proceed with a surrogacy arrangement in Kenya, you must read this blog till the end. Is same sex…

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5 key points to consider before connecting with a surrogacy agency

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 643 total views Regardless of the fact whether you are an intended parent or an imminent surrogate mother; you generally need to ensure that you are dealing with the right and the best surrogacy agency. While the surrogacy cycle may sound like a tough assignment demanding a ton of expectations and time from your end, dealing with the accompanying elements can unquestionably help you in similar respects. 1. Reputation and experience of the surrogacy agency With an ever increasing number of couple opting for gestational surrogacy to seek after their parenthood…

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Surrogacy: an alternative to natural conception

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 592 total views The blessed are the ones who enjoy becoming parents. There are many couples who after many years of their marriage could not enjoy parenthood. But they do not leave hope. They go for many other conventional fertility treatments like IVF etc. but when these technologies also fail to deliver, the only alternative to enjoy the blissful echoes of the child in the house is surrogacy. Surprisingly, this is not legal in many countries and the government of that nation does not give permission to its citizens to opt…

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