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Women and their love for tinkling ornaments date back centuries. There is no denying that it has been an integral part of a woman’s life since ancient times. Jewelry is purchased for different reasons, sometimes as an instrument of investment, to symbolize social status, or for beautification. A lot of women depend on their parents and spouses to purchase gold jewelry for them, but with changing times, modern women no longer wait to receive it as a gift, but rather like to treat themselves with a beautiful diamond choker whenever they want! If you are wondering what brought this paradigm shift? Here are the top 4 reasons.

Financial Independence

More and more women are stepping out of their comfort zone and gravitating towards successful careers. In olden times, men were mostly the only earning member of the family, and they held the authority of planning the finances. But modern women have more spending power now, so this doesn’t come as a surprise that they like to make their own buying decisions and modern men are supporting this too.

Women Know What They Want

Women now are no longer naïve, they are well-read and well-travelled, they know exactly how to dress well and carry themselves with elegance. They spend time keeping themselves well-groomed and have learned the art of accessorizing their outfits right. Millennial women like to wear smart jewelry that’s lightweight and have a modern design that suits their work attire. They have freedom of choice, and women now like bespoken jewelry to personify their taste over settling to anything their spouse purchases for them.


The ease of shopping online has been a major game-changer. Like everything else, even fine jewelry is available within few clicks of the mouse. Women now from their comfort of office or home can browse through the latest models of gold necklace online and don’t really have to wait for their partners to take them to a jewelry store. E-commerce has opened up a world of limitless options for women in terms of the latest designs and trends. In the earlier times, women would depend on their family jewelers for their purchases and would hesitate to even check out the collection that other jewelers had to offer, thus limiting their options. Now a lot of trusted brands have mushroomed on the internet and women like to explore different designs before they settle for one.

Security and Style

Millennial women like to purchase their jewelry to mark certain milestones in their life or career, like a job promotion, winning a prestigious project, or even the birth of a child. It serves as a constant reminder of being courageous, hopeful, and independent. As much that women purchase jewelry to mark their style statement, a lot of them still look at it as a safe instrument of savings. They like to buy jewelry as a security that they can rely on during rainy days.

More and more women these days like to align themselves to jewelry brands that understand their needs and represent their styles over anything else.

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